1. No matter how popular, desirable or acceptable ungodly acts are, don’t join the crowd to do evil. Being an influencer for God is not about being popular or having a large following on social media, it’s about having the guts to stand by God’s standard even if you are the odd one out and don’t fit into any clique or people make fun of your faith and stand for God Exodus 23:2).

2. Do to others, say about others, what you would have them do to you and say about you (Matthew 7:12).

3. Don’t be a person with a dual personality; don’t be one person in church and a completely different person when you are outside church. Don’t acknowledge Jesus with your lips, but in your lifestyle behave like you don’t know Jesus (Matthew 15:8).

4. Let your life be full of goods deeds such as praying for others, helping someone in need, helping someone that can never pay you, helping someone that has hurt you (Matthew 5:16).

5. Be a person of integrity; let your yes be yes, let your no be no. Be as sincere as you can be. Be a genuine believer that people can count on your words any day, anytime (Matthew 5:37).

6. Don’t give up on God or turn away from the faith when difficult and challenging situations come your way. People of the world are fickle; they hang in there only when the going is good. If you are to model Christ to the world, let your life be an example of faith and perseverance. Don’t just say you have faith, show it. Show your undying love for Christ even in the face of adversity (Philippians 2:5).

PHOTO CREDIT: Christopher Sardegna on Unspalsh

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