The day you were born,

The stars shone ever so bright,

King Herod had such a great fright,

The wise men travelled all thru’ the night,

And the angels danced with all of their might.


The day you were baptized,

River Jordan was still and sound,

The crowds stood all around,

A dove descended from a cloud,

And the voice of God thundered so loud.


The day you preached the Sermon on the Mount,

People came from far and wide,

Many wanted to sit by your side,

You told the people it was time to decide,

And many chose your way to abide.


The day you were crucified,

The soldiers treated you with such harshness,

The demons of hell rejoiced with much gladness,

Many of your followers were filled with great sadness,

And the whole earth was covered in darkness.


The day you rose from the dead,

The angels shone as bright as the moon,

The women rejoiced at such a great boon,

Doubting Thomas stood like a loon,

And you left a message that you would be coming back soon.