Carriers of His Glory

Imagine you are travelling for an important job interview you have been invited to in Abuja or even outside of this country. You get to the venue of the interview only to discover you forgot one essential requirement to enter the interview room – a recent signed hard copy letter from your referee or guarantor. Unfortunately, this is one of those days when the face of the person attending to you is very hard and he’s not ready to bend the rules for anyone. So you are barred from entering the interview room for a job of a lifetime because you forgot to pack an essential document for your trip.

We all on an important trip. The journey of life. Some people over pack for this journey, some under pack. Some pack non-essentials for this journey while some pack just the required and needful things for this journey. Some people even mistakenly carry another person’s luggage while leaving behind what was meant for them for this journey. What have you packed for the journey of life? What are you carrying on you and with you as you go through the life?

The Bible in Psalm 8:5 tells us that we have been crowned with glory and honour. We were not made ordinary. God bestowed glory on us and gave us dominion over the works of His hands (Psalm 8:4-6). This glory was lost through sin (Romans 3:23), but thank God for Jesus who came to restore our lost glory. Through Jesus Christ, we have been made carriers of God’s glory. Hebrews 1:3 tells us that Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory. To have Jesus in you and with you is to have the glory of God in you. The more we grow in our relationship with God and knowledge of Christ, the more God’s glory increases in us. The more we seek to do things that bring glory to God, the greater God’s glory on our lives.

To be fulfilled and successful in life, we must carry God’s glory with us every day and in every situation. It’s unwise for anyone to embark on the journey of life without Jesus; the One who is the radiance of God’s glory and exact representation of God, the One who sustains all things by His powerful Word. When you have God’s glory covering you, every opposition and conspiracy against your life will be silenced. In Numbers 16:19, 42-50, Korah gathered some followers who opposed and condemned the ministry of Moses. Though Moses was outnumbered, the moment the glory of God appeared in the tent of meeting, the opposition came to an end. God released His wrath and judgment on all those that were opposing Moses. I pray that wherever you go, the glory of God will cover you and everyone and everything that tries to resist and oppose God’s plan for your life will be silenced and frustrated.

Where the glory of God is there are miracles. In Exodus 16:6-14, the glory of the Lord descended and with it came manna; miraculous provision from heaven. May you see the miraculous in every area of your life as the glory of God rises on you.

The glory of God is a shelter and shield from evil. We see this in Isaiah 4:5-6. “Then the Lord will create over all of Mount Zion and over those who assemble there a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night; over everything the glory will be a canopy. It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.” Who can tell which calamity and tragedy is waiting to unfold this year? Who knows the storms and deep waters ahead? Only God can tell, only God can secure and shield us from evil. This is why we always need His glory over our lives and everything that pertains to us. We can’t afford to be stripped of God’s glory or for the glory of God to depart from our lives. In these turbulent times we live in, we need to be covered with the canopy of God’s glory.

We can be stripped of God’s glory when we fail to give Him the glory due to His name (Isaiah 42:8. Isaiah 48:11 Acts 12:23). His glory can depart from our lives when we don’t abide in His presence, when we fail to live for His pleasure and glory (Revelation 4:11), when we allow sin live and rule in our lives (1 Samuel 4:21-22). I pray that we will not become an ‘Ichabod’; I pray the glory of God never departs from our lives. May we move from glory to greater glory in our personal lives, families church and nation.  Do, no matter the terror, danger, pestilence, or evil arrows flying in the air, they don’t come near our dwelling places because we are enveloped in God’s glory.

The glory of God is an essential requirement for life. If you carry it with you, you are in essence carrying along with you divine protection, divine empowerment, divine provision and divine guidance. Perhaps you have already packed for life and you forgot to take along the vital key for life; you forgot how important it is to have Jesus with you. You you started your journey without Him, you have been making decisions without Him. Thank God there  is an opportunity right now and here to make amends. So, repack today. Drop all the non-essentials and ask Jesus; the One the glory of God shines on, to come and go with You through the journey of life. Ask Him for strength and wisdom to walk more closely with Jesus Christ so God’s glory can increase in your life and you are prepared and equipped for any assignment, challenge or difficulty that comes your way on the journey of life. The journey is worthwhile  when Jesus is with you; when the glory of God is with you and on you.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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