Rape. That was the charge against him. The very thought of it made him laugh. He of all people rape a woman. It was the most absurd thing he had ever heard. He wasn’t denying the fact the woman was beautiful. Indeed, she was a very attractive woman and any man would have given anything to have her. But he couldn’t. Though she daily flirted with him, flaunted her well-shaped body before him, and tried every provocative act in the book to seduce him, he just couldn’t do it. How would he face his master? More importantly, how would he face his God? No, he couldn’t. He couldn’t flout and disregard God’s standards for a few minutes of risky pleasure. He couldn’t and he didn’t. Yet, she craftily spun a wonderful tale of how he raped her.

Have you ever been falsely accused? How did you handle the situation? Read more about how Joseph handled false accusations

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