• Thank You Precious Father for bringing me into the sixth month of this year. Thank You for counting me worthy to experience Your love, mercy, protection and goodness since the year began. I acknowledge Your faithfulness in my life, family, church and nation and return all the glory back to You.
  • O Lord, wash and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus. Refine and purify me, purge me of all sins. Deliver me from the sins that easily beset me. Remove every filthy garment from my life and clothe me with the righteousness of Christ Jesus and the fear of God.
  • Father, before this first half of the year ends, do something new in my life. The kind of help, support and blessings I have never seen before, send to me O Lord, My God and Provider.
  • God of all grace, who has called me to Your eternal glory, remember all the pains, hardships, trials, disappointments and setbacks I have been through, and as You promised in Your Word, come and perfect, establish, strengthen and settle me.
  • Lord, before this month comes to an end; before I step into the second half of this year, please give me a clear vision to run with for the next half of this year. Instruct me and teach me the way to go in every area of my life. Guide me with Your eye so as I step into the second half of this year, I will redeem the time and not walk blindly/aimlessly.
  • Father, give me a divine strategy that will make me exceedingly successful and prosperous in my business, career and in the work of my hands. Let businesses and projects prosper and not die in my hands.
  • The God who changes times and seasons, change my financial season and story. Bring me into a season of fulfilment of your promises and good prophecies to me.
  • Father, let the blood of Jesus wipe away every evil financial pronouncement on my life and the work of my hands. Deliver me from laziness, wasteful and reckless spending, greed, lack of financial vision and direction. Close all doors my carelessness has opened to lack and the spirit of poverty.
  • Father, make me a cheerful giver. Remove all forms of stinginess, greed and self-centeredness from my life. Let me never be hard-hearted or tight-fisted to those in need. Bless me and make me a blessing. Help me not to be weary in giving and well doing.
  • Father, look upon us with mercy in Nigeria. God of Justice in whom there’s no injustice, give justice to the weak, poor and oppressed in our land. Deliver us from leaders who oppress the citizens and the poor to increase their wealth. Save us as a nation from all our financial and economic troubles. Show us mercy O Lord, rain down showers of blessings on our land. With Your right hand of power, bring us out of every financial wilderness and economic valley. Let the tide turn in our nation, let us begin to experience economic growth and progress, business development and job opportunities.
  • I confess and declare that Jesus has set me free and I am free indeed from rising and falling, the spirit of lack and poverty, fruitless efforts, labouring in vain, begging and borrowing, stagnation, retrogression, joblessness, eating from hand to mouth, evil gatekeepers diverting or blocking my financial blessings, embarrassing financial situations, financial shame and reproach, financial foolishness and ignorance, poverty mind-set, blindness to financial opportunities, closed doors, closed heaven, ancestral and generational curses, satanic boundary lines keeping me from moving forward in life, evil voices speaking poverty into my life, evil veils and covering of darkness on the work of my hands, marks of disfavour, working like an elephant and eating like an ant. Glory be to God, I am free in Christ Jesus.



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