• Faithful Father, thank You for bringing me to the 11th month of this year. Thank You for all the tragedies and calamites You graciously spared me, my family, my nation and all my loved ones from since this year began.
  • Lord, forgive me for any sin I have committed that has grieved Your heart. Father, please look upon us in this nation with Your eyes of mercy. We have acted very corruptly, we have treated the things of God lightly, we have not upheld and followed Your Word. We, Your people, Your children have been no better than the unbelievers in the land. We have not allowed our light to shine in places You have positioned us. Forgive us O Lord and blot out all our transgressions.
  • O Lord, please arise with healing in Your wings and heal our land. Heal every damage the spirit of wickedness, violence and corruption has done to our land, to the hearts of our youths, and to the businesses and livelihood of citizens of this nation. Heal and restore the glory of our nation. Visit this land with Your hand of mercy.
  • In the name of Jesus, I prophesy into Nigeria that violence shall no longer be heard in you. There shall be no destruction on your streets, villages, communities and borders. The days of Nigeria being a nation that is reproached and ridiculed has ended. The fear of the Lord has come upon Nigeria, righteousness has entered into Nigeria, God’s peace is upon Nigeria in Jesus mighty name, amen.
  • Father, please remove from my life every sin, worry, care of this world and distraction that is hindering me from looking unto Jesus; from focusing on the Lord. As I take my eyes away from problems and look unto Jesus the Great Physician, let there be complete and permanent healing in my life, family, church and nation. Heal us of every emotional wound, every sickness in our bodies and every form of financial dryness.
  • Lord Jesus, You are My Light and My Salvation. As I look unto You, cover me with Your light and let every darkness of sin, demonic affliction and oppression give way. Let every satanic chain that has held me and my family down be shattered today. Let Your light lighten my path and remove every form of confusion from my mind. Let Your light, guide me aright and show me what to do this month and till the end of this year.
  • Lord God, You are My Restorer. As I look to You and call upon You in the place of prayer, please restore money, jobs, businesses, opportunities, appointments, blessings and testimonies I have lost. Restore and set me on a level much higher than the level I was before I suffered any form of loss.
  • Lord I Look to You. You My Helper, You are the helper of the Helpless. Please help me to come out of every financial mess and problem I am in. Help me to overcome my weaknesses and the sins that easily beset me. Help me with more than I need this month that I won’t know any form of lack in my life. Help me Abba Father to be who You created me to be, help me to fulfil Your purpose for my life.
  • This month of November as I look unto Jesus, the Miracle Worker, give me an eleventh hour miracle; a miracle too good to be true, a miracle that will turn impossibilities before me to testimonies. A miracle that will compensate me for every loss, pain, delay and hardship I have experienced since this year began. A miracle that will make me end this year greater and better than how I started the year. A miracle that will amaze people and bring people to God.


PHOTO CREDIT: Maddi Bazzocco


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