When there is an exchange, it means that one thing is given and another thing is received in return. The thing you receive in return could actually be the same thing you have given. For example, at the end of a church service you can exchange addresses with someone. It’s also possible to give something and receive something totally different from what you have given. For example, you could call someone who is ill to ask about his health and this gesture so touches the person that the next time he sees you, in appreciation of what you did, he invites you for lunch with his family.

There are also times that people give someone something good or do something good to someone and in return the person they have been good to repays them back with evil.

A DIVINE EXCHANGE happens when we give God something and receive something from God. When God decides to give us something, it is usually something much better than what we have given Him. This is why Ephesians 3: 20 describes Him as a God who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.

The key passage in the Bible on divine exchange can be found in Matthew 11:28-30 and this will be the focus of our prayers today. This passage talks about those who are weary and burdened coming to Christ, giving Him their burden and weariness and receiving rest in return. From this passage, we can see that it is those who are weary and burdened that are in desperate need of a divine exchange. Are you tired, weary and discouraged? Get ready for a divine exchange as you pray.


  • O Lord, draw me near to you. In anyway I have strayed from you, bring me back to you today.


For us to experience a divine exchange, for us to receive Jesus’ light yoke in place of that heavy yoke or burden we are carrying, we have to first come to Jesus. Jesus rightly said “COME TO ME ALL YOU WHO ARE WEARY AND BURDENED…”  As you pray, come to Him in repentance, come to Him in sincerity, come with a determination to remain close to Him, come to receive rest from all your troubles.


  • Lord Jesus, I have no one else to go to or turn to concerning this problem that is weighing me down, come and lift this burden from my shoulder and give me rest.


  • Father, as I come to you; as I draw near to you in prayer today, forgive me for all my sins. Draw near to me and touch me, bless me, strengthen me and cover me with your glory.


You can’t come close to God and remain the same. Exodus 34:29 tells us that whenever Moses went to Mount Sinai to be close to God and speak to God, His face would become radiant and he would be covered with the glory of God.


  • Father, let my life not be the same after these prayers. Let me end these prayers receiving something tangible from You. O Lord as I call out to You in prayer, overshadow me with your glory and give me rest from all my troubles and battles.


  • Mighty God, strengthen and encourage me today. Mighty God, remove every form of frustration and discouragement from my life.


  • In the name of Jesus, I drop every evil load and heavy burden the enemy has placed on my life that has been slowing me down.


  • I reject and refuse every evil load of poverty, failure, sickness, barrenness and stagnation. I drop every evil load of fear, worry and anxiety. You are not of God I reject you in my life.


    •  Lord, let your power fill my life me and let that evil load that has been slowing me down be replaced with divine speed (1 kings 18:46).


    •  Father, come and give me rest from suffering and bondage.


    •  Father, I have been suffering for so long in this situation come and bring it to an end.


    •  O Lord, bring me out of every spiritual bondage and prison and take me to my place of rest.


    • Father, let today be the end of that oppression, the end of every spiritual, emotional, financial, marital captivity.


You can’t be happy or full of joy when you have this burden that brings so much pain and discomfort to you. So pray like someone that really wants an end to the suffering and not like someone that is enjoying or happy with the situation you are in.


  • O Lord, come and turn my pain and sorrow to joy, turn my mourning to dancing, turn that problem to a testimony (Psalm 30:6).



  • I declare unto you that have suffered a lot of hardship, ridicule and shame that today the Lord Himself will restore you. Every blessing, breakthrough and opportunity you have lost as a result of sin, carelessness, satanic attack or demonic activity, the Lord will restore back to you in Jesus mighty name. The Lord will make you strong, firm and steadfast. He shall make you unmovable and unconquerable (1 Peter 5:10).


  • Isaiah 61:7 is God’s word to you today. On the authority of God’s word, I speak it into your life that instead of shame you will receive a double portion, instead of disgrace you will receive your inheritance in Christ Jesus. You shall not be denied what rightfully belongs to you in Christ Jesus. Your joy shall overflow this year.


  • Receive in the name of Jesus Christ a DIVINE EXCHANGE. Receive divine strength in place of every weakness, success in place of failure, fruitfulness in place of barrenness, health in place of sickness, prosperity in place of poverty, honour in place of shame in Jesus mighty name, AMEN!


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  • August 29, 2023 at 6:28 am

    Thank you so much I received this prayer with love and happiness for my children my grandchildren and myself Jeanette Hill thank you so much it is done it is done in Jesus name and I seal it with the blood of Jesus Christ I receive it by faith it is done it is done 1 million fold in Jesus name amen

    • August 31, 2023 at 4:12 pm

      The Lord shall manifest His goodness and blessings in your life and family.


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