Prayers When Facing Trials and Troubles

O Lord, I thank You that I am alive to see this day. I thank You that the health, finances, marital, family and emotional challenges that have come my way have not ended my life  or led me to commit suicide. I extol Your holy name for it is because of Your tender mercies that I have not been consumed by the trials of life. I worship and magnify You for if You hadn’t been on my side, my enemies and problems would have swallowed me alive.

Father, please forgive me for all my sins. Look upon me with mercy and close every door I have opened to the enemy to come in and afflict me.

Father, open my spiritual eyes and reveal to me what is behind every repeated affliction and long standing problem in my life. Show me the root cause of my problem and give me grace to follow what you lay on my heart to do so I can break free from every chain of affliction tying me down.

Father, remember me O Lord and wipe away my tears. Heal my broken heart, repair and restore every area of my life that has been battered and shattered by sin, by my carelessness and ignorance or by enemy attack and demonic activities. Please give me a new beginning and restore to me the joy of Your salvation.

Father, do not hide Your face from me in the day of trouble. Stretch out Your hand to me and pull me out of every pit of sickness, failure, indebtedness, lack, poverty, barrenness and stagnation. Show me Your mercy and marvellous kindness and deliver me from all my fears and troubles.

Lord, even though I have challenges I am facing, help me to stop dwelling and focusing on just my problems and be a blessing to someone. Don’t let the trials of life bury my talents and gifts. Help me O Lord to pray for others, help and encourage others so You can restore all my lost blessings and opportunities and I can receive double for all my troubles.

Father, Your Word is forever settled and Your Word has declared unto me that weeping endures for a night; my weeping and problems are for a night not forever. Divine help is coming my way. I will not die in my problems, affliction will not arise a second time, affliction with no end; affliction with no solution is not my portion. My night season is over in Jesus name. My morning of joy, my morning of a turnaround for good has come in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

I confess and declare on the authority of God’s Word that after I have suffered for a while, after this trying time, the Lord will perfect, establish, strengthen and settle me. I am coming out of this challenge wiser, stronger, better and more prosperous to the praise and glory of God.


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