It is natural or part of human nature to be concerned about situations in our lives, family, church and nation. For example, in 1 Samuel 10:2, the Bible tells us that when the donkeys of Kish the father of Saul, were missing and he sent Saul to go and look for them, he became worried when after a long time he hadn’t seen his son. This was a natural concern. No parent won’t be concerned if your child who normally gets back from school at 3pm, isn’t back by 10pm in the night.

We are not to go through life with a carefree, indifferent and nonchalant attitude to things happening in our lives, family, church, nation and world at large. But there is a kind of concern that aggravates to worry. Worry that can weaken your spirit, soul and body. John 10:10 tells us that the devil is out to destroy; this is his mission in life. Worry is a perfect tool for him to carry out this mission.

In Luke 10:41, Jesus told Martha that she was “worried and upset about so many things”. We have just started a New Year and already the worry hormone of many of us is in autopilot mode. We have started worrying how will I get money to pay my children’s fees, renew my rent, start that business, or travel out? Will I get married this year, have a child, receive admission to further my studies and so on and so forth. Many people are worried about the state of the nation and other global issues happening around the world. These are all genuine reasons to be concerned. But as genuine as they sound to us, the Lord is saying to us like he said to Martha, “you are worried and upset about so many things”.

In Luke 10:42, Jesus told Martha who was worried and upset about so many things that “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her”. In essence, Jesus was saying Mary had made the right choice, she had chosen wisely. Martha on the other hand, hadn’t made a wise choice. Martha wrongly assumed Mary was neglecting and abandoning the more important things of life. Martha was busy and concerned with many things that were important and urgent but not a priority. Mary had her priorities in order, Mary was focused on the ONE THING that is essential and that is to spend time at the feet of the Lord. Mary didn’t care what family and friends thought of her. She wasn’t out to impress anyone. She didn’t mind if she was viewed as unconcerned and lazy so far she was doing the one thing that is important and that is to be at the feet of the Master Teacher, Instructor and Guide.

This year one thing is essential, one thing is truly necessary and it is to spend time at the Lord’s feet listening to what He has to say about your life, family and situation.

There is a level of intimacy God wants us to operate on with Him. It is the level where we daily receive instructions from Him for every aspect of our life, every decision we make. This kind of instruction can’t come to those who are worried and busy with so many ‘important’ things that they don’t have time to stay at the feet of the Lord. Operating on the level where we walk with divine instructions makes us more than conquerors, more fruitful, more successful and it keeps our heart at peace even in the face of raging storms.

This is not a year to embark on a merry-go-round; to get involved with activities, events and relationships that are taking us nowhere that are not in any way bringing us closer to who God created us to be. There’s no time to waste going round and round in circles; doing the same things all over again that we did in previous years that have not brought about any significant growth or improvement in our lives. This year we need to get it right, we need to know what we should be doing per time. The only way we can achieve this is by staying close to the Lord and hanging on every Word He gives to us. While in Peter’s boat, Jesus gave Peter a Word that catapulted Peter to a level he had never been before. It gave Peter an uncommon and unusual net breaking breakthrough (Luke 5:1-11). A breakthrough that could have easily slipped past Peter if he didn’t create room for Jesus in his boat. I pray this year we will give Jesus room in the boat of our lives so we can receive that Word that will catapult us to a level we have never been before.

God has a Word for every situation, He has a Word for you this year, He has a Word about that step you want to embark on. Take time to find out what that Word is. Cut off all distractions this year, so that at every point and in any situation that comes your way, you receive a timely Word from God about what to do. Don’t fuss and get all worked up about things that aren’t a part of God’s blue print for your life, things that aren’t vital to fulfilling your God ordained destiny. This year, do the one thing that is absolutely necessary and extremely important in the eyes of God. This year, immerse yourself in the one thing that if you do superbly well will transform, restore, revive, refresh, renew and promote you. This year, don’t leave the feet of Jesus; don’t neglect the presence of God and your relationship with God. It is the ONE thing in life that is important. It is the one thing that overrides all other needs, desires, accomplishments and achievements of life.


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