Thank You Lord, for Your grace that has preserved me. It is because of Your grace and mercy that I am alive to see the last month of this year. Lord, I magnify Your Holy name for all the unseen and seen battles You fought on my behalf to preserve and protect my life, my family and loved ones. Receive my praise, worship and adoration.

O Lord, I don’t want to end this year without You. In any way I have strayed from You, sinned against You and disobeyed Your voice, please forgive me O Lord. Look upon me with mercy, cleanse and forgive me and bring me back to You.

Father, give me grace to fellowship with You, honour You and serve you faithfully to the end of this year.

Father, surround me, my family members, church members and loved ones with Your fire of protection. Shield us from danger, tragedy and every evil arrow that have been programmed into this last month of the year.

Father, visit my foundation with your holy fire and consume every stubborn problem in my life and family. Destroy by Your fire every problem that is determined to follow me into 2020.

Father, speak to me and make me sensitive to Your voice. Give me clear instructions and direction for my life as the year draws to an end and I prepare to enter a New Year. Instruct me on what to do for the remaining days of the year. Give me a vision to run with in the New Year.

Eternal God, be my Refuge, my Place of Safety and carry me with Your everlasting arms into 2020. Go ahead of me to drive out all enemies waiting for me in 2020, go before me O Lord to level every mountain, problem and obstacle waiting for me in 2020.

Father, before this year comes to an end, wipe away all my secrets tears, lift up every burden weighing me down, turn around my captivity and give me a testimony that will be like a dream; a testimony that will cause men to know that there’s no one like You, Jehovah.

PHOTO CREDIT: KTMD Photography on Unsplash

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