Blessed, Favoured and Fruitful

There are different kinds of blessings a person who wants to succeed and prosper in life needs.  Peace is an essential blessing. Of what use is it to have millions in your account when you can’t sleep well at night because of the money in your account? Joy is a bubbling, contagious spiritual blessing. Favour is a wonderful spiritual blessing you need if you want to succeed and go far in life. If God favours you, it can lead to your getting a better job, higher salary, greater business patronage, international openings and recognition. God’s favour can move a person from obscurity to limelight. To succeed and prosper in all areas of our lives, we need to be covered and surrounded with the favour of God (Psalm 5:12). It was favour that brought Esther into the palace (Esther 2:7). God’s favour can take our business and the work of our hands to the palace; to important and influential people. When God puts His favour on you, you will be honoured irrespective of your status, background or where you are coming from. When the favour of God is upon our lives, even our enemies can be used by God to bring financial blessings and opportunities our way. It was Haman that recommended to the King what should be done to the person the king was delighted with and wanted to honour. Haman made this recommendation for promotion thinking it would come to him, not knowing that the person the King wanted to honour was not himself, but Mordecai who Haman was planning to destroy (Esther 6:4-10).

When the Israelites were leaving Egypt, God gave them favour and respect in the sight of the Egyptians so that they didn’t leave Egypt empty-handed. They left Egypt with so many jewels, articles of silver and gold (Exodus 3:21-22). May the favour of God come mightily on us so we don’t leave this month, season and year empty-handed, but with unusual financial blessings and testimonies.

Uncommon insight, divine instruction and revelation is a much needed blessing in these times of inflation and financial difficulties. In Luke 5:5-11 Peter had worked all night. He had tried everything he knew how to do based on his knowledge and experience of fishing, yet he had nothing to show for all his labours. Bad or no results, lack of sales, joblessness, financial difficulties and stagnation doesn’t necessarily imply a careless, purposeless, lazy and unserious life. Peter’s empty net is symbolic of people who are hardworking, have good ideas, put in so much effort, try everything possible, yet there’s nothing to show for all their labours. When Jesus gave Peter a divine instruction, his once empty net began to overflow with fish; his business failure was turned to outstanding success. This season may the Lord give us a divine instruction and strategy that will replace all past career, business and financial failures with good success. And may the grace to obey divine instructions come upon us so we are overwhelmed and saturated with the goodness of God.

God’s plan for us is to be fruitful. God unfolded this plan at the very beginning when man was created (Genesis 1:28). A fruitful life, ministry, business and career brings glory to God (John 15:8). Bearing fruit is not an option but a necessity if we want God to be glorified in our lives, family, church and nation. We can see God’s distaste and displeasure with an unfruitful life in the account of how Jesus cursed a fig tree that wasn’t bearing fruit (Mark 11:12-14, 20-21).

Our success and our ability to produce much fruit is dependent on how attached we are to God. A branch detached from the vine has no life and can’t bear fruit. Without Christ we are nothing; we are like dry, dead branches that have no life, no leaves, no fruit; no growth, no purpose, no meaning.

God wants us to stay near to the True Vine; to stay connected to God. As we do this, we shall experience all round fruitfulness. Just like the branches of a tree spread out in different directions, we will make impact for God in different places and our sphere of influence will greatly increase.

God never promised us that life would be easy, but no matter how hard and tough life gets, let’s ensure there’s no disconnection between us and God. The source of water determines the kind of water you will get. Getting water from a river or stream that has been contaminated by livestock waste, human sewage or chemicals will definitely give you bad or unhygienic water. Staying connected to God, the Source and Giver of wealth will surely fill your life with genuine and uncontaminated financial blessings that make rich and add no sorrow. Determine to be that tree that is planted by rivers of waters (Psalm 1:3). Determine to be that person who irrespective of the situation you find yourself will remain connected to Jesus, the Fountain of Living Water, so your ‘leaves’ don’t wither and whatever you do prospers to the praise and glory of the Most High God.



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