2020 Faith Confessions

This year, the God of Peace will sanctify me completely. He will sanctify my whole spirit, soul and body in preparation for the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He will purge and cleanse me from all filthiness, all sinful thoughts and deeds that can contaminate me, damage my mind and body, truncate or hinder my blessings and destroy my destiny.

This year, I will honour and bring glory to God Almighty; the One who deserves all glory, praise and honour. My focus this year will be to bring glory to God in all I do. This year, I will not share God’s glory with Him. I will recognise and acknowledge God as the source of every blessing and accomplishment.

This year, God will guide me with His eye. He will instruct and teach me the way I should go spiritually, financially, academically, in my health, career, business, ministry, family life and relationships. Whether I turn to the left or right, I will hear the voice of God saying this is the way you should go, follow this direction, take this decision.

This year, the Lord will go before me and mountains, obstacles, hindrances before me will give way. No one and nothing will have the power to hinder me from getting to the heights and levels God wants me to get to this year.

This year, God will carry out a mighty deliverance in my life. The Egyptians; the stubborn problems and long standing issues I have been battling with for years, I shall see them no more in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Throughout this year, God will cover me, my family members and loved ones with His feathers of protection and under His wings, we shall be kept safe from month to month. No evil shall befall me and my family, nor shall any evil arrow or spirit of death come near our dwelling place. No weapon of the enemy fashioned against my peace, joy, health, progress and prosperity will prosper. My times are in God’s hands and He will deliver me from the hands of my enemies and all those who wish me evil. This year, no power of darkness will be able to snatch me out of God’s hands of protection.

In 2020, grace to serve God is upon me. The fire of revival is upon me. I shall not be a lukewarm Christian this year or a bench warmer or a spectator in the house of God. I will be fully involved in the work of God serving God with my time, talents, gifts and skills. My labour in God’s vineyard this year will not be in vain. My life will count, my life will add value.

Good health is my portion this year. The Lord will bless my food and water and remove sickness from me. My life is immersed in the blood of Jesus and the precious blood of the Lamb will grant me divine immunity from sickness and diseases. My life shall not be cut short; I will not be a victim of untimely death. My place will not be vacant on the day of my joy. I shall not die but shall live to declare the glory and good works of the Lord.

This year God will send help to me. God will be an Ever-Present Help to me and I won’t be stranded this year. When I call out to God, He will hear me, deliver me from trouble, meet my needs and make a way for me where there seems to be no way. In 2020, my destiny helpers will not miss me or be far away from me. God will stir up the heart of men and women to bless me and take up my case, and as I receive the blessings of God, I too will be a blessing to others.

This year shall be a year of great rejoicing for me. It will be one testimony after the other, one victory after the other, one celebration after the other. I am moving from glory to glory this year. Things are getting better for me. The power of God will overshadow me and things that had been impossible in previous years will be made possible this year. The Lord will roll away every reproach from my life. The Lord will wipe away my tears. The Lord will comfort me on every side and give me double honour and blessings for all my years of trouble. My night season ended with 2019, when I entered into 2020, I entered into my morning of joy. Glory be to God! Hallelujah!

PHOTO CREDIT : Pedro Lima on Unsplash

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