A Call to Prayer

It is a wonderful decision,

To give ourselves to intercession.

There should be no discussion,

Nor should we raise an objection,

Or bother to question,

The need for our supplication.


This time of prayerful expression,

Can bring about an impression,

Of your divine possession,

That forces of oppression,

Have kept under suppression,

So your life is overwhelmed with tension.


A time of intercession,

When you pray with earnest attention,

Can be a special session,

Where God blots away your transgression,

And sets you free from retrogression,

So you can experience progression.


When you pray faith based confessions,

No matter the regression,

Or the depth of depression,

God’s power of resurrection,

Will lose you from every evil operation,

And release blessings beyond your imagination.


PHOTO CREDIT : Abel Marquez on Unsplash


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