Do you have a rough idea of the number of people that came to visit you last year at home, in the office, or at school? Every year, there are quite a number of people who come to visit us. Some come to get something from us, others to give us something. Some come in response to an invitation we sent to them, others come uninvited with no hint whatsoever that they will be visiting you. Some you were happy to see, others you couldn’t wait for them to leave! Someone could visit you a hundred times and it has little or no impact on your life. You could also have a hundred people visit you and your life is still the same; no significant change occurs after the visit. But just ONE visit from God brings about a complete turnaround in your life. It lifts you to a higher level and gives you a unique testimony.

What an honour it would be for the President or Vice President to visit your home. After such a visit, so many people would want to know you for they would consider you as someone with special connections, someone worth getting to know. There is actually Someone Greater, Higher and Stronger than any President or Vice President that wants to visit you. The Most High, the only Ruler and King that can never retire, be overthrown, or suffer a coup d’etat, wants to visit you. The only King who issues decrees that are just, absolute and can never be overruled has set this season aside to remember you and visit you. He has released a decree that you will be divinely visited and no person, force, or power will be able to overrule this decree.

When someone comes to visit you especially if it is someone you are pleased to see, you would offer him a seat. But none of us has in our homes or offices a chair that can match up to God’s heavenly throne. We can’t afford the kind of chair the King of Glory seats on, yet He wants to frequently visit us. Indeed, God’s love and concern for us is a big mystery!

This year is going to be a year with a difference for you. It will surely be different because there’s no way the Living God, the God of gods, the God of Justice can visit you and your life will remain the same. In Jeremiah 29:10, the purpose why God visited the Israelites was simply to fulfill the promise or word He had given them seventy long years ago. Promises God has given you that are yet to manifest, will manifest in your life this year. It doesn’t matter how long you have been waiting for that promise to be fulfilled, what matters, what you should desire and pray for is a divine visitation. Once there is a divine visitation, you can be assured that a promise or Word from God will be fulfilled.

In Genesis 21:1, the Lord visited Sarah and at the age of 90 she gave birth to a son. What was humanly impossible became possible after a divine visitation. The Lord will visit you and He will do the humanly impossible in your life. What people aren’t used to seeing, what people have said is impossible or can never happen, God will do for you. When God visited Sarah, she said “God has made me laugh, and all who hear will laugh with me” (Genesis 21:6). God is going to make you laugh. Maybe last year, the year before, in fact for all of your life, people have been laughing at you. This year your story will change, this year those who have been laughing at you will laugh with you; they will celebrate with you, they will celebrate you.

What would it take to provoke a divine visitation? Be spiritually sensitive. In Luke 19:44, Jesus spoke about people not knowing the time of their visitation. It takes a spiritually sensitive person to know the time of God’s visitation. Most times when God comes to visit, He doesn’t come with a long convoy, sirens blowing here and there, and a lot of pomp and pageantry. When God came to visit Abraham in Genesis 18:1-16, He came in a simple, ordinary way. But Abraham was sensitive enough to know that the three men who showed up at his door weren’t ordinary men, they were angels sent from God. That was why Abraham went to great lengths to receive and entertain them. It was actually this visit from God that culminated in the birth of Isaac. Abraham recognized the time of His visitation. May we be spiritually sensitive and alert to know our own time of visitation which is NOW!

To be spiritually sensitive so you don’t miss out on anything God wants to do in your life or anything God wants to give you, pray for and desire a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. The person without the Spirit of God can’t understand, accept and recognize the move of God (1 Corinthians 2:14). When the Spirit of God is at work in your life, He makes you a candidate for a divine visitation. Open yourself up today for a new, closer and stronger walk with the Holy Spirit so the Almighty can visit you and put an end to your wilderness journey and wipe away your tears. Get ready for a Divine Visitation! Get ready to shed tears of joy.


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