Flowers I see, flowers I smell, flowers I do pick.

All over the earth, brilliantly crafted flowers appear,

They have names from A to Z,

They have colours, shapes and sizes that dazzle and captivate.


See the lilies how they blossom,

Isn’t it amazing how they spread and cover the fields

Without a days’ work, without a gardener’s toil?

The God who takes care of the lilies will surely take good care of you.


See lustrous bunches of roses in sweet red and pink.

For fragrance and beauty, they do pretty well.

Not like thorns that pierce and choke and are often thrust away.

If I were to pick a Rose today, most certainly it would be the Rose of all roses;

The Rose of Sharon, the most splendid, the most perfect and priceless Rose.


African Daisy, Iberis, Linaria and Zinnia Elegans,

Though charming and enchanting will one day fade and fall away.

Not God’s Word that transcends the sands of time.

If I were to pick a vine to sit under, it certainly would be the Vine of unequaled beauty;

The carefully fenced Vineyard of the Lord, where nothing falls and withers.



PHOTO CREDIT: creationswap


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