Father, thank you for your loving kindness and faithfulness that has brought me into the 8th month of the Year. Thank you for not allowing the afflictions and challenges of this year sweep me and my family away.

O Lord, My Father, 8 represents a new beginning. Please do a new thing in my life and family. Give us a new beginning in every area of our lives.

I confess and declare that this 8th month of the year, I will see new things in my life in Jesus mighty name, amen. Lord, let those old bad habits, those same old recurring and recycled problems completely pass away.

Father, please forgive my sins of the past, put a new spirit in me and enter into a new covenant with me. Destroy completely by Your blood every evil covenant keeping me from doing Your will and living for Your glory. Destroy every covenant of failure, barrenness, fruitless labours and stagnation. In the name of Jesus, I establish in my life God’s covenant of health, peace, protection and prosperity.

Father, from this month, let me be called by a new name given by You. Let me no longer be called by all those negative names and labels people have given me. I confess and declare that God has given me a new name. My new name is the redeemed of the Lord, God’s delight, blessed of the Lord, sought after and in demand, not rejected, not forsaken.

O Lord, this month please do an amazing thing in my life and put in my mouth a new song of praise to replace my secret tears and pains which I can’t even discuss with anyone.

Father, remove everything standing in the way of my moving forward. Make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Make a way where there seems to be no way.

Lord, help me to forget past errors and failures and press on to receive the new thing You have for me. I refuse to be limited by my past. I embrace the glorious hope and future God has prepared for me.

Lord, do a new thing in our nation. Do what only You can do. Do what will convince people that You are truly a Living God. Show all those that think they have the economy and destiny of this nation in their hands that they are mere men; mortals that can be brought down at anytime. Frustrate every evil agenda for our nation. Correct with Your divine touch all that has gone wrong in our nation. Let Your revival fire fall on our youths in this land and give them a new beginning. Let our nation become a land that holds a great hope and future for upcoming generations.

Lord anoint me anew, consume my life and family with a fresh fire that will make it impossible for us not to serve You and live to please You.

Father, please turn my requests to testimonies, turn my trials to triumphs in Jesus mighty name I pray, amen.

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