Gracious God, thank You for bringing me into the month of April and the 2nd Quarter of this year. Thank You for Your hand of protection that was with me, my family and loved ones all through the first quarter of this year. Your name be praised, exalted and lifted high for there is no God like You – merciful, kind and powerful. The God who doesn’t deal with me according to my sins, if You kept a record of my sins, I wouldn’t be alive today, I wouldn’t be able to approach You. Thank You for Your tender mercies that in spite of my unfaithfulness You still continue to show me Your love and faithfulness. Glory be to Your holy name.

Arise O Lord with healing in Your wings and put an end to coronavirus. Close every door we have opened to plagues and pestilence by our neglect of You and denial of Your glory and power. Forgive us O Lord and open the door of Your mercy, healing, salvation and deliverance to the nations of the world. Let there be no more running from You. Draw us back to You O Lord. Hear and accept our prayers and heal our land and the nations of the world. Crush this virus and let there be no more deaths, no more loss, no more tragedy.

Father, after this lock down season, let our lives, families, churches and nation not be the same again. Let us come out of this trying time with a deeper zeal and stronger commitment to serve You and walk in Your ways. Help us to give full attention to the things that are uppermost in Your heart. Don’t let us return back to our vomit; don’t let us return back to trying to live free of God.

Father, give me a willing heart to serve You and do Your will. Sanctify my heart. Wash me with the precious blood of Jesus. O Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, take away every garment of sin from my life, please blot out my record of sins and iniquities. Purge me of every sin that keeps me away from You, hinders prayers and stands in the way of joy and progress.

Lord, let Your resurrection power fall on me and on every area of my life. Let everything that is dead or dying in my life receive the life of God and come back to life. Let Your resurrection power turn every hopeless situation in my life around. Let Your resurrection power make the impossible possible in my life. Infuse and overshadow my spirit, soul and body with the resurrection life of God and let every yoke of sickness, delay, rejection, disappointment and stagnation give way.

Lord, hide me in the cleft of the Rock of Ages where no evil can penetrate. Cover me, my family and loved ones with Your hand of protection so no enemy, disaster, calamity, tragedy, pestilence, virus or disease can get to us. Be our hiding place and continue to surround us with songs of deliverance and protection.

Father, instruct me in the way I should go this month. Guide me and show me what to do. Keep me from error; keep me from taking decisions that lead to regret, shame and loss. Help me to walk in Your ways and not follow the advice and example of the ungodly and those who are not concerned about honouring You.

Lord, give me grace to seek You and serve You all through this month. Let nothing take Your place in my life. Don’t let people ask me where is my God? As I call on Your holy name, answer me by fire; answer me speedily, answer me with awesome testimonies of Your power and goodness.

Lord, this month of Easter, as the stone that blocked the tomb of Jesus was rolled away, let every stone that has been blocking my progress and keeping me from fulfilling the purpose of God for my life, be rolled away. Roll away every stone that has kept me on a particular place, level and position for years.

Father, the main reason why we can celebrate Easter is because You fulfilled every word the prophets of old had spoken about the death and resurrection of Christ. This month and this Easter, Father let there be a fulfilment of Your promises to me. Lord, please fulfil Your promise to give me rest and peace. Fulfil Your promise to deliver me from all my enemies and not allow them triumph over me. Fulfil Your promise to keep sickness away form me. Fulfil Your promise to richly supply all my needs. Fulfil Your promise to establish me, settle me; restore all I have lost and perfect all that concerns me in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!


PHOTO CREDIT: Laurentiu Lordache on Unsplash

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