Thank you Faithful Father for bringing me into the eight month of this year. Receive my praise, glory and adoration. It is Your faithfulness and mercy that has preserved my life not security guards, not my skilful and careful driving or my trying hard to live healthy. It is Your grace and mercy that has carried me from the first month of this year to the eight month. Glory be to Your Holy name.

Father, please forgive me, my family and loved ones for every sin we have committed, everything we have done that has grieved Your Holy Spirit. Forgive me for neglecting to do the things You have asked me to do, forgive me for steps and decisions I have taken without seeking Your counsel and direction. Forgive me for times I have joined the crowd to do evil instead of standing out for righteousness. Cleanse me from all sins, remove every garment of sin from my life and clothe me with the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Help me to hide Your Word in my heart so I can walk in obedience and not sin against You.

O Lord, increase and strengthen my faith and help me to hope continually in You. Even when I don’t see immediate results, help me not to give up in the place of prayer. Strengthen me so I don’t give up at the verge of my breakthrough. Help me to be consistent in the place of prayer and pray through until my change comes. Lord, as I pray to You, do not turn Your face away from my prayer, do not turn Your mercy from me. Let my prayers be covered with your tender mercies and flood my life with abundant answers to prayers.

In the name of Jesus, let the wind of the Holy Spirit go to the four corners of the earth and bring in all my blessings and testimonies from wherever they have been tied down and locked down. Let the strong East Wind of God bring back to me all the enemy has taken away from me. This month, I declare full restoration of lost blessings, opportunities, appointments, testimonies and virtues.

Lord, I cast all my cares on You. I refuse to be weighed down by worries and concerns. I cast on You every situation that is troubling my mind and I receive rest for my soul, peace in my mind. Saturate my life O Lord in Your peace and free me from the stronghold of fear and anxiety.

Father, remove whatever is causing strife and division in Your church and hindering the move of Your Spirit and the outpouring of Your anointing. Remove bitterness, unforgiving spirits, hatred, jealousy, gossip, backbiting, carnal comparison and competition; remove all the things that tear us apart instead of unite us. Unite us O Lord so the church is not divided, so the enemy doesn’t have easy access to come in and cause havoc. Father, make me an instrument of love and peace in Your church; wherever I go let my actions promote love and unity and not cause confusion and division.

Lord, I commit all ministers of the gospel to You. Wherever they have missed it, in Your mercy, bring them back to the straight and narrow path. Deliver them, their families, ministries and loved ones from every evil attack. Preserve them for Your heavenly kingdom. After people have seen them preach Your word and do Your work, don’t let them miss Your heavenly kingdom. Sanctify their lives and remove everything in them that can shut them out of heaven’s gates.

Father, arise in our nation and let the enemies of the peace and progress of our nation be scattered. Deliver us in this nation from wicked, violent and unreasonable men who are out to destroy innocent lives and cause weeping in many homes. Father, show us Your mercy in this nation and be with us. Father, please frustrate every device and weapon the enemy is using to control the destiny of our nation and influence the decisions and policies of those in government. Father, expose and disgrace all those who have joined forces with the kingdom of darkness to bring the economy of our nation down. Lord, weaken their hands and weapons so they won’t be able to carry out the selfish, evil and wicked plans they have put in place for our nation.

Lord, this month intervene concerning every longstanding issue and problem in my life. Lord, You are the God that changes time and seasons, let the time and season of that long standing problem come to an end in my life. Let the time and season of weeping, battling with that problem and suffering reproach because of that problem come to an end. Usher me into a new season of Your favour and glory. Give me double joy and blessings for all my troubles.

Father, before the end of this month, do something that will change my story and my level. Let a major breakthrough and turn around come my way this month. Turn around my captivity and give me a testimony that will look like a dream; a big testimony that appears too good to be true and will draw me to my knees in humble adoration.


PHOTO CREDIT: Dari IIi on Unsplash

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