Come into the tabernacle of His presence,

Come into the place God dwells,

He’s calling You, He’s calling You,

To come into the tabernacle of His presence,

To come into the place God dwells.


His presence,

His glorious presence,

Is the place you should be.

In His presence demons flee,

In His presence you have such joy,

In His presence you are surrounded with His peace

In His presence You behold more of Him.


So don’t wait a minute more,

Don’t put off being with Him,

Come now into His presence,

Come now to the place God dwells

And you will find joy and peace,

You will have victory over things troubling you,

You will discover the One whose presence is filled with glory

Such glory that everyone that comes into His presence,

Everyone that comes to the place God dwells,

Is amazed by His presence and changed in His presence.


PHOTO CREDIT: creationswap

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