I lift my voice in praise and thanksgiving for all the good things God is doing in my life. I do not take God’s love for granted. I appreciate His mercy and compassion towards me. I give God the glory for all He has given me and seen me through.

I purpose in my heart to please God. I renounce all evil in my life and strip myself of everything that does not bring glory to God. I am completely delivered from the power and plans of the evil one. I have been set free from the chains of sin, confusion, fear, failure, sickness, poverty, stagnation and all forms of unfruitfulness.

I am who God says I am. I will not allow my background, weaknesses or sins and failures of the past limit me.  I refuse for the enemy to hold me down. My destiny rises up from every satanic and manmade confinement limiting me and tying me down to one spot in life. I retrieve and reclaim my destiny, blessings and testimonies from the camp of the enemy. All the enemy has stolen from me is restored back this season in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

I have in me the ability to succeed in every area of my life. I am not laid back, sluggish and lazy. I work with a spirit of diligence and excellence. God’s wisdom and word directs me on what to do, where to go. God guides me into taking decisions that result in progress and good success.

I am anointed; I am filled with the grace and power of God. I am blessed and my life is a blessing to others. I am not self-centered. I give of my time, talents and resources to help and serve others.

The miracle working power of God is at work in my life. God makes the impossible possible for me. The blood of Jesus and mercy of God has made me a recipient of a very big testimony that will amaze me.

Though trials may come my way, the peace of God which is beyond human understanding fills my heart and mind. God is my peace. The Almighty is with me; I fear nothing and no one. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord rises to my defense and carries me on eagles’ wings out of every storm and affliction.

God has sent panic and confusion into the camp of the enemies of my life, family, church and nation. The terror of God causes the kingdom of darkness to fail in every wicked plan they propose for me, my family, church and nation.  God fights for me, backs me up and gives me victory wherever I go.  I trust in the Lord and I shall not be put to shame.

Throughout this month, God’s goodness, favour and mercy shall follow me, and God’s face shall shine on me. This month I receive divine attention and intervention. God provides all that I need. Doors of promotion and blessings are opened to me this month.

I am a citizen of heaven. I will not go back to my old sinful ways. I am pressing on in faith heavenward. I daily cling to the Lord. I am eagerly waiting and preparing for my Lord. My name or the names of my loved ones will not be found on hell’s roll call or register.


PHOTO CREDIT: Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

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