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For site content, Tesh .N. Writings (TNW) provides the information on this site to be read by anyone, but retains the copyright on all text. To use this information in any other way, you must strictly follow these guidelines.

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You CANNOT charge for, sell, or make money off any of the articles on this site.

You CANNOT make an electronic copy of Tesh’s articles and post on your website or blog or reproduce in print without specific written permission. Instead, use hypertext links to reference the article. If you wish to request permission to reprint any article from this website, please send your written request to Tesh at Please include in your mail specific information on what material you wish to reprint, when and where you wish to reprint it.

After obtaining permission to reprint, when reprinting any article from this site, please include the following credit line “This article first appeared on Tesh .N. Used by permission of TNW”.

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Tesh freely grants permission to anyone wishing to link to this website. You may download Tesh .N. Writings logo for use as a graphic link to her home page.

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