Count Down to a New Year

Can you believe it? We are about to enter into a New Year. It seems like just yesterday that we started this year. Wow! Time flies!

What are your thoughts as this year draws to an end? What are your expectations? The truth of the matter is that a large percentage of people have not given a serious thought to the New Year. While some are still wallowing in the losses, setbacks and disappointments of this year, some others are busy gloating over their achievements this year. Irrespective of how this year has turned out, I am sure we all want a better year ahead and now is the time to start anticipating, planning and preparing for a better and more glorious year.

It is time for quiet and sober reflection. It is time to take inventory of your life this year and start putting down plans for how to grow and flourish in the New Year. And it all begins with Jesus. He is the reason for our existence, the Author of our lives, the One who sees the beginning and end of every year all at the same time. He is the One who knows what each year has in store for us, our families, church and nation. We can plan from now till tomorrow, we can have all the grandeur ideas for the New Year, but if God is not in those plans; if He is not solidly backing us up, nothing much can come out of our plans. Simply put, now is the time to start seeking the face of God for strength and clear direction for the coming year. Now is the time to let go of the pains and hurts of this year. And now is definitely the time to seek God’s mercy and favour for the New Year.

Start believing God for a better tomorrow; a better year. As you look forward to seeing another year, understand that God is far more interested in what you do today and how your tomorrow turns out, than He is in your past. So forget those things that are behind and reach forward to those things that are ahead in the coming year. The central focus of all your planning and preparation as this year draws to an end and as you get ready to step into another New Year, should be how to make Jesus your all in all; how to have a deeper commitment, a deeper love and a deeper worship of the Lord. If you can get this right, all other things will fall in place, and you will have abundant testimonies and greater results in the New Year.

As the days go by, the clock ticks away, and you count down to a New Year, remember to also count the blessings you have received from God this year. Enter the New Year with thanksgiving in your heart. Go ahead and celebrate God’s faithfulness. He has been faithful to you this year, He will undoubtedly be faithful to you in the New Year.

Wishing you a blessed, fruitful and prosperous New Year.

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