One of the potent weapons we have as believers against the devil and all forces of evil is the blood of Jesus. There is great power in the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is like an all-encompassing drug. The drug doctors use to treat malaria or fever is different from the drug they use for someone who has kidney or liver problem. But the blood of Jesus contains everything that is needed to cure any type of ailment whether it is a minor ailment or a terminal disease. The mystery in the blood of Jesus is that while it is a medical blunder to use a drug meant for stomach upsets to treat cold and cough, Jesus’ blood can be used for all types of ailments. The blood of Jesus can heal you of headache, at the same time it can heal you of stomach ache, cancer or AIDS. Jesus is called the Great Physician because He is the only One whose blood can fight and treat all diseases known and unknown to man.

Not only can the blood of Jesus heal every type of sickness and disease (1 Peter 2:24), it also gives protection from all manner of evil (Exodus 12:13). The blood of Jesus can protect you from car accidents, at the same time it can shield you from armed robbers. It is also a great banner of protection from occultists and all who use evil powers. If you need healing, you can get it from the blood of Jesus. If you need protection, you can get it from the blood of Jesus. If you have been spiritually soiled by sin, you can get cleansing from the blood of Jesus (1 John 1:7). Whatever you need, whatever is lacking in your body or life, the blood of Jesus has the power to supply those things into your system and your life.

If you take an ordinary, unlaminated certificate and tear it to pieces, you will notice that it’s very easy to tear the unlaminated paper to pieces. But if you take a laminated certificate and try to tear it, you won’t be able to tear the laminated paper to pieces. The devil can’t tear you apart when your life is laminated or covered in the blood of Jesus!

The devil is a roaring lion looking for whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan is looking for whom to tear to pieces. He wants to tear people’s hearts to pieces; to bring situations your way that your heart will be terribly broken and shattered, you become an emotional wreck that is confused about life, and end up making some foolish and costly decisions. Satan wants to tear homes and marriages apart. He wants to tear people’s businesses apart. Everything about us, Satan wants to tear to pieces.

In Daniel 6, the devil threw Daniel into a lion’s den so the lions could tear him to pieces. But God supernaturally shut the lions mouth so they couldn’t harm Daniel (Daniel 6:22). This kind of special protection came to Daniel under the Old Testament; under the Old Covenant before Jesus had shed His blood. Hebrews 8:6 makes us understand that believers today have a better covenant of protection than anything Daniel had because we are partakers and beneficiaries of the New Covenant introduced by the blood of Jesus.

When our lives are laminated and covered in the blood of Jesus, the devil can’t tear us apart. On the contrary, we are the ones that become weapons in the hands of God that God uses to tear down the works and operations of darkness. Jeremiah 1:11 tells us that God has appointed us to uproot, tear down, destroy and overthrow. Jesus, by His death and resurrection, has given us power to tear down and destroy every satanic plan and agenda. If we understand this, we will stop being afraid of the devil and everyone working for him and with him. We are the ones that have power over him, we have great power through the blood of Jesus to overcome anything the enemy brings our way (Revelation 12:11).

One of the reasons people laminate their certificates or business cards or menus for restaurant owners is so that they are protected from fingerprints, stains, spills and marks. One of the activities of the devil is to put evil marks on people. The mark of Christ is the mark of the blood of Jesus. As you remain laminated in the blood of Jesus this year, no mark of sin, failure, rejection, dejection, untimely death and disfavour will rest on you. God will mark you and your family out for special protection, blessings and favour. No person, agent or force of darkness will be able to trouble you and prevail because you bear the mark of Christ (Galatians 6:17).

As you go through this year and you come across mountains and hills, valleys, turbulent storms, attacks and oppositions from the kingdom of darkness, let this be your faith confession: I declare and decree that because my life is laminated and covered in the blood of Jesus, I am a VICTOR not a victim, I am a WINNER not a loser, I am an OVERCOMER in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!



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