Divine Protection Prayer Points

Almighty Father, thank You for being My Great Protector. Lord, I confess and declare that this month and for the rest of my life, You are my Rock of Refuge, Hiding Place, Strong Tower, the Pillar that holds my Life, My Shield of Protection, My Fortress, My Shelter, My Stronghold, My Keeper and Sustainer, the Shade of Protection on my right side, the wall of fire around me, my family and loved ones. You will daily shield and carry me with Your everlasting arms and hide me in the shadow of Your hand where no evil or danger can penetrate.

O Lord, if You had not been on my side, I wouldn’t be alive to see this day. Sickness, problems and troubles of life, armed robbers, kidnappers, natural disasters and all manner of calamities would have swept me away and ended my life. It is because You have been on my side, I have escaped like a bird out of every trap and snare the enemy has put before me to cut short my life. O Lord, receive my praise, worship and adoration Lord.

Father, help me to continually dwell in Your secret place. Help me to spend quality time with You each day. Whatever is distracting me from the presence of God, whatever has taken the place of God in my life, I come against it today, in Jesus mighty name. Amen! O Lord, revive my prayer life and walk with You so I can daily dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of protection of the Almighty.

O Lord, daily guard and guide my steps. Keep my feet far away from every place where there is danger, tragedy and calamity. Direct me aright O Lord so I don’t embark on any journey of no return. O Lord, bless my food and water and keep food poison out of my system. O Lord, My Defender and Protector, stand guard around me as I sleep to shield and defend me from the tares of life; from sudden and strange problems and afflictions the evil one plants while men sleep or through dreams.

O Lord, according to Your Word, preserve my life. Keep my soul amongst the living, don’t allow my feet to be moved. From now to the end of this year, Father watch over my soul. Let my soul be among the living and not found in the mortuary or cemetery in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!

Lord, I immerse my life, my family members, my possessions and all that belongs to me in the precious blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus makes me an overcomer and more than a conqueror. I overcome untimely death. Untimely death will not come near my dwelling place and family in Jesus mighty name. The mark of the blood, the mark of God’s protection is on me and no man, power, force and agent of darkness can trouble me or cut short my life before my time. I will fulfill the length of my days in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

O God, open my eyes to see that You are always with me. I come against every spirit of fear. I walk and live with the confidence that God is with me. I will not fear the terror of might or the arrows that fly by day because the hand of God is with me. Even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for even in the worst of situations, I am not alone and helpless. The Lord, God Almighty is with me. The presence of God secures and protects my life.

O Lord arise and disappoint those that have taken evil counsel against my life and family. Arise and let all their evil plans be scattered and frustrated. Lord, cause every evil plan for my life to backfire and return back to where it is coming from. Let those behind these wicked plans and schemes be put to shame and thrown into confusion. Father, let Your angel encamp around me to defend and deliver me from those who are after my life. Let the angel of God pursue all pursuers of my life and destiny. Fight for me O Lord against everything and everyone fighting against me, fighting to cut short my joy and life. Mighty Man of War, fight me and let me hold my peace. Fight for me so victory is guaranteed and I rejoice in Your salvation.

Father, daily protect me from the evil one and from every destruction prepared for me. Protect me O Lord so my enemies will not be able to say they have swallowed me up, their evil plots have happened just the way they had planned. Clothe them with shame O Lord. Make me smile on my enemies and not be a laughing stock to my enemies. Deliver me from enemies too strong for me, deliver me O Lord from known and unknown enemies, seen and unseen danger. Deliver me from those who want to waste my life. Father, please do not pass me by. Stretch out Your hand to deliver me from every pit and trap prepared for me. Let Your deliverance, help and protection come speedily to me, in Jesus mighty name I pray.

Lord, unless You guard and watch over our nation, over every state and community in this nation, every government or security agency guarding us are guarding in vain. Forgive us O Lord for not giving You Your rightful place in the affairs of our nation. Forgive us O Lord and show us Your mercy and compassion. Please do not turn Your face away from our nation. We enthrone You as Lord in our nation. Father, be the fortified high wall securing our nation. Father, restore righteousness and the fear of God all over our nation in Jesus mighty name. Amen! Shield our nation from those out to cause trouble in this land and disturb the peace of our country. Let Your light shine all over our nation and expose every plan to cause confusion, war and anarchy. Father, take over the security of our nation, make our nation a peaceful dwelling place, let our homes be secure and let every state and community be an undisturbed place of rest, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

O Lord, please arise against those who after the blood of Your children. Protect and preserve Your church from those who want to bring down Your church. Send confusion into the camp of those planning to come and end the lives of believers. When we gather, Lord let Your presence be mighty in our midst, let Your fire surround us, make Your church too hot and uncomfortable for terrorists, bandit and armed robbers to enter in. Lord, please let Your presence go with us everywhere we go so wasters of lives, drinkers of blood, eaters of flesh who position themselves on the roads or as people travel will not see our blood to drink or our flesh to eat.

Thank You Father for hearing me. Thank You Father that according to Your Word I will live and not die, my family members shall live and not die. I confess and declare that the Lord is my Refuge and my Fortress, He shall deliver me from all evil and danger. The Lord is my Shade by my right side. My life shall not be cut short by stray bullets, strange sicknesses, destiny wasters and destroyers. Throughout this month, for the rest of this year and even beyond, the Lord who is my Dwelling place will not allow any evil befall me or plague come near me and my family. God will deliver me in the day of danger and trouble. He will show me His salvation and satisfy me with a long, healthy, fulfilling life in Jesus mighty name. Amen!



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