Divine Strength For The Storms of Life

While some people are all giddy and excited about this #Christmas, for some others this #Christmas is a very difficult time for them as it just emphasizes their #pain. Think of that woman who is experiencing her first Christmas as a #widow, the couple who don’t have any #children of their own to celebrate this Christmas with, the man who just received from his doctor on this warm Christmas Eve a report that he has a terminal #illness, or that #single lady and guy who yet again have to spend another Christmas Season where #families bond and do all sorts of fun activities, on their own or in the company of people they would rather not be with simply because that person isn’t their spouse.
Everyone faces #trials, #tribulations and #storms of #life. Are you facing a #storm this Christmas? The Storm Calmer who is actually the reason for this season is right there with you to calm your anxious heart, give you a miracle and make your peace like a river. #Storms don’t last forever. #Storms are survived when you have #Jesus in the boat of your life.

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