God with Us

The greatest asset, treasure and blessing anyone can have is to have God with you. When God is with you, it doesn’t matter who is against you (Romans 8:31). When God is with you, you enjoy from God’s presence things you can’t get from anywhere else or anyone else.

God with you means VICTORY! God with you means you conquer and overcome every satanic plan and agenda for your life. It means every evil counsel taken against you comes to nothing. God with you means every evil word spoken about you or against you, every evil pronouncement released on your life and destiny is nullified (Isaiah 8:10). When God is with you, you have no reason to be afraid of known and unknown enemies, seen and unseen enemies. Yes, they will try all sorts, meet secretly to plan to destabilize you and wreck your life, but they can’t prevail over you when God is with you. The voice of triumph, the shout of victory, the song of rejoicing will not cease from your lips when God is with you (Numbers 23:21).

There are so many things that trouble our minds and give us cause for anxiety. We worry about what has happened, what is happening, what is yet to happen. Fears and worries bring emotional turmoil and unrest. In Exodus 33:14, God assured Moses that His presence would go with him on the challenging journey to the Promised Land he was to embark on and Moses would have rest, despite the obstacles and setbacks along the way. In God’s presence, fear and worry is replaced with peace and rest. When you are agitated, distressed, confused and troubled, the person to seek is God, the place to run to is the presence of God. It is only in God’s presence that we can find true peace and rest for our weary, troubled souls.

When God is with you, you have everything you need to succeed, prosper, excel and shine. 1 Samuel 18:14 tells us that David succeeded in everything he did, David prospered in all his ways because the Lord Jehovah was with Him. If walking with wise friends and associates makes their wisdom rub off on you and make you a wiser person (Proverbs 13:20), imagine what happens when you walk closely with God, the epitome and reservoir of true wisdom. God’s presence is a key to success, God’s presence is the gateway to all round prosperity.

To go through life on your own is setting yourself up for failure. To go through life with people is good, but disappointment is inevitable along the way. To go through life with God with you is to have divine safety and protection, divine guidance, prosperity, peace and joy. It is tapping into and connecting to the grace and power of God every day, everywhere.

To have God with us, we can’t be miles away from God, we can’t keep creating barriers between us and God’s Word, we can’t ignore the place of prayer and worship and expect God to follow us around the place or be at our beck and call day and night. We can’t be outside of the presence of God and want to enjoy the blessings that are in the presence of God. We must draw near to God, so He can draw near to us (James 4:8). The closer we draw to God the more we enjoy and experience the glory of His presence.


Father, remove everything in my life that can create a distance between You and me. I don’t want to worship or know You from a distance. I want to be close to You. As I draw near to You, let me experience the power of Your presence every day and in every way.


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