When God shows you mercy and compassion, it changes so many things about you. God’s mercy is the key to receiving the best of heavens blessings. When God shows you mercy, you step into a season of divine restoration. Your tears are wiped away, problems solved, and You are blessed beyond your wildest dreams. When God looks upon You with the eyes of mercy, you are lifted to a level you have never been before. There’s little we can do, there’s a limit to what we can achieve without God backing us up with His hand of mercy and compassion. As you pray these prayers, you will come before the Mercy Seat of God. God’s mercy shall locate you and fill your life with abundant testimonies of the goodness of God.

  • Father of mercy, God of all comfort, I exalt Your holy name. Thank You for Your grace and mercy that has brought me thus far. I couldn’t have made it without Your grace and mercy. But for Your mercy, it would be a different story I would be telling today. But for Your mercy, the waters of trials and afflictions of life would have swept me away. Thank You for Your unfailing love (Psalm 124:1-5).
  • Father, have mercy on me according to Your unfailingly love. Please have mercy on me and let your great compassion blot out, wipe away and cover every sin standing as a barrier to my prayers, every sin standing between me and my breakthrough (Psalm 51:1, Psalm 32: 1-2, Isaiah 59:1-2, Micah 7:9).
  • O Lord, because You are gracious and compassionate, hear me as I call out to You. Do not hide Your face from me O Lord for I desperately need Your help and intervention in my life (Exodus 22:27, Psalm 69:16-17).
  • Father, even as I desire to be a recipient of Your mercy, if there be anyone I harbour a grudge against, anyone I’m keeping malice with, anyone my heart is bitter towards, help me today to forgive and let go so I can enjoy the fullness of Your mercy and love. Give me a forgiving heart so I am never cut off from Your mercy (Matthew 6:14, Luke 6:36).
  • Father, as I approach Your mercy seat, I know I will meet with You. I will receive forgiveness, You shall speak to me and give me clear direction for my life. I am confident that as I approach Your throne of mercy, I will be overwhelmed with Your love and You shall meet me at my point of need (Exodus 25:22, Numbers 7:89, Hebrews 4:16).
  • Father, as You had mercy on Blind Bartimeaus and the problem of blindness he had been battling with for years was removed from his life, please show me mercy today. Let Your mercy and compassion take away every health challenge, every physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and marital problem I have been battling with for years (Mark 10:46-52).
  • God of compassion, as you had compassion on the Israelites and delivered them from the oppression of Hazael King of Aram, please show me mercy and compassion and put an end to every form of oppression in my life. Any person, force or power oppressing me by sitting on what is rightfully mine, or keeping me from rising high, Father, let Your mercy and compassion weaken their hands and free me completely from their oppressive acts (2 Kings 13:22-23).
  • Gracious God, show me compassion and let Your compassion restore me to Your original plan and purpose for my life. Let Your compassion restore every good thing I have lost. Let it restore every blessing, opportunity and testimony I have lost (Jeremiah 42:12, Ezekiel 39:25).
  • Lord, have mercy on me and settle me this month. Don’t let me settle for less; don’t let me live below Your plan and purpose for my life. Settle me with the very best heaven is prepared to give me (Isaiah 14:1).
  • O Lord in Your great love, bless me and my household. Keep us from danger and evil. Be gracious to us. Turn Your face towards us and fill us with Your peace (Numbers 6:24-26).
  • O Lord, as Your loving-kindness never ceases, let testimonies never cease from my life and family. In Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN! (Lamentations 3:22).


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