“The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.”  – Genesis 39:2

The best thing that can happen to anyone is to have God with you. When God is with you, the fragrance of His presence rests on you, granting you favour wherever you go. The story behind Joseph’s glory; the secret to Joseph’s success is simply God’s abiding presence with him. God was his success factor. Success doesn’t begin at the top, success is not reserved for only those in senior management positions, at any level you are, whether you are a mere housekeeper like Joseph, you can be successful if God is with you.

Joseph faced rejection, betrayal, and false accusation. His brothers treated him harshly; they turned their backs on him, they sold him as a slave, he was taken to a foreign land, but in all his trials and hardships, Joseph was not alone, God was with him. Joseph drew strength from God’s presence to face and overcome dark and difficult times. Joseph would never have made it out of the pit, if God wasn’t there with him. Joseph would never have gotten out of prison, if God wasn’t there with him. Wherever he turned, whatever situation Joseph found himself, God was with Joseph to rescue him from all his troubles.

Joseph’s brothers were against him, Potiphar’s wife came against him, but when God is with you, who can be against you and succeed (Romans 8:31)? Potiphar’s wife thought she had a wonderful strategy to demote and destroy Joseph, she didn’t realize that no person is stronger than God. No person is strong enough to pull down someone the mighty hand of God is holding, someone God is covering with the light of His presence.

People may forget you, for two years Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer forgot to mention anything about Joseph to anyone (Genesis 40:23). Yet Joseph was on God’s mind. God can never forget those whose dwelling place is His presence. At the right time, God remembered Joseph and he received a divine recommendation that lifted him from the prison to the palace. When God is with you, He can make people you know and don’t know, people that like you and don’t like you, to  recommend you for important assignments, positions and blessings.

So, don’t dwell on how many people or even demons are against you, how many people you have helped yet they haven’t put in a good word for you. Don’t be confused and unsettled about the mean things the people closest to you have done to you. What you should be concerned about is who is with me, is God with me? For God to be with you, you have to be a carrier of His presence. For you to be a carrier of His presence, you must daily draw near to God (James 4:8), you must be abiding in Christ; spending quality time with the Lord so He in turn can abide with you (John 15:4). If God is with you, that settles it!



O Lord, help me to daily spend quality time with you. Give me grace and strength to overcome everything distracting me from your presence.










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