Isaiah 3:10 tells us to say to the righteous that it shall be well with them and that they will eat their fruit of their doings. It shall be well means whether there is national chaos and confusion, wickedness abounds, there is trouble anywhere you turn, don’t be afraid for if you are counted among the righteous, God will keep you safe. It shall be well means while the wicked will see God’s wrath and judgement, the righteous will see God’s hand of mercy. It shall be well means peace in the midst of turmoil. It shall be well means the situation may be hopeless but with faith and trust in God, things will turn around, dry bones will rise again, and you shall receive a testimony against all odds. It shall be well means God is in control, God has the final say.

Join me in praying these prayers so it can truly be well with us, our families and nation.

Lord, thank you that the righteousness of Christ has been imputed to me. Thank You that because of who I am in Christ Jesus, I am qualified to receive the blessing of all round peace and prosperity.

Blood of Jesus wash me clean and separate me from all ungodly and unrighteous acts.

I declare and decree that it is well with me spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. It is well with every area of my life.

I say ‘Peace be Still’ to every storm in my life.

O Lord, arise and destroy every power behind every storm and affliction in my life. Contend with everything and everyone contending against my peace.

Father, strengthen my faith in you. Keep me calm, free me from worry and anxiety. Let the peace of God that transcends human understanding surround me and fill my heart.

I decree and declare that I shall not labour in vain; I shall eat the fruit of my labour. The Lord shall bless and prosper the works of my hands. The Lord shall promote, advertise and expand the works of my hands.

Father, deliver me from every negative attitude and character trait that can truncate or cut short my destiny.

O Lord, my Father, deliver my spouse, children, siblings and family members from every negative attitude and character trait that can affect the family. My children will not be involved in anything or have any problem that will give me sleepless nights and steal my peace and joy. My spouse will not be involved in anything or any problem that will make me start running helter-skelter. I will not receive bad news concerning my parents, siblings and other family members.

I refuse to cooperate with the devil to prevent me from getting to where God wants to take me. I refuse to cooperate with the devil to cause any form of strife, disunity and confusion in my family, church and nation.

In the name of Jesus, I come against all demonic and occultist activities affecting the peace of my nation. Father, weaken every evil hand busy causing havoc in this nation. Let Your peace reign and be established in our nation.

I rebuke every wind and wave of discouragement. I silence every lie of the devil; every lie that God doesn’t care about me, my situation will not change, things will not work out for me, I will drown and die in that problem. Jesus, My Shepherd, whether I turn to the left or right let it be Your voice of hope, love, mercy and life that I hear.

O Lord, My Father, give me victory over every challenge that is draining my finances. Deliver me from financial shame, embarrassment and stagnation.

Almighty Father, You are the God that turned the Red Sea to dry land, You are the God that turned water to wine, please step into my situation and turn all my trials to testimonies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Warren Wong on Unsplash

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