March Prayer Points

Thank You Precious Father for bringing me into the third month of this year. Lord, I am so grateful to You for Your faithfulness to me and my family. If not for Your grace and mercy, I wouldn’t be alive today. Receive my sacrifice of praise and accept my thanksgiving.

Lord, I rededicate my life afresh to You this month. Forgive my sins, blot away my transgressions and purge me of all unrighteousness. Lord, take my life and let it be a life consecrated and set apart for your use.

Lord, help me to daily live for Your glory. Send Your refining fire on me to remove everything in my life that does not give You glory.

Father, please cover me, my family members and all loved ones with Your hand of protection. Preserve our lives, O Lord. Keep sorrow far away from me. Let me not have cause to weep or mourn over any family member, friend and loved one this month.

O Lord, I am tired of struggling financially. Please lift me out of every financial valley and place me on the mountain top financially. In the name of Jesus, I break free from the stronghold of lack, debt, borrowing, begging and insufficient funds. I loose myself from laziness, lack of passion for excellence and success, absence of financial vision and direction. I shake myself off from stagnation, disfavour and everything limiting my progress in life. O Lord, please be my sufficiency. Provide all my financial needs. Bless and favour the work of my hands. Move me from obscurity to limelight in my business, career and ministry.

Father this month, release on me a special blessing and aura that will make people help, support and favour me, that will make people want to associate with my ministry, family, business, product, idea, proposal, vision and plans. From far and wide, let people come seeking the gifts, skills, knowledge and expertise You have blessed me with. Let the wealth of the Gentiles be transferred to me in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

I confess and declare that this month, my life will count, my life will make a difference. Bless me O Lord and make me a channel of blessing to others. Use me Lord to put smiles on people’s faces.

Lord, I lay before You every negative doctor’s report and diagnosis. Father, turn my health captivity around, turn that report around. Do a miracle in my body and in the body of everyone connected to me that needs Your healing touch. With Your healing hands, carry out a divine operation in our bodies. Great Physician, repair what is damaged in our bodies, replace every body part that is weak and not functioning properly, correct everything that has gone wrong in any tissue, cell or organ in our bodies. Heal us and make us whole.

O Lord, give us leaders with divine wisdom to govern the affairs of our nation. Father, frustrate every satanic agenda for our nation. Put Your fear all over this land, let Your fire surround every state and community in this nation and make our nation an uncomfortable place for perpetrators of innocent killings, banditry, terrorism, oppression, injustice and all manner of evil.

Lord, revive Your church this month. Send Your revival fire on ministers of the gospel and all those in positions of authority in Your church. Let a prayer revival, a revival for evangelism, holiness and righteous living take over the church of God. Let the revival and passion for Your work start from all church leaders and spread to all other believers. Restore Your glory back to the church.

Father, before the end of this month, let there be a lasting solution to that longstanding problem in my life and family. Let me end this month testifying that I am living witness that nothing is too difficult for God to do.


PHOTO CREDIT : Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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