Sometimes our lives, marriage, business, career or ministry is like the marred pot the prophet Jeremiah saw in Jeremiah 18:1-14. Life doesn’t seem to be going in the direction we had hoped. Costly mistakes are made along the way. The only thing that can help is another chance; another opportunity to start over again. When your life is in the hands of a loving God, He gives you opportunities to start all over again; He makes it possible for you to experience a #New #Beginning. Because God is ever so merciful, He gives spiritually marred, damaged, broken, spoilt and rotten people an opportunity to start over; He gives them a new beginning. God is able to start over with the same wretched, failed, broken and hopeless life, marriage, business or situation. I pray that today and all through 2017, the awesome, loving and mighty hand of God will come upon us, our church and nation so that we can truly experience a new beginning.
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