Peace and Joy Is My Portion

Are you weary, troubled, anxious and confused? Then these prayer points are for you. As you pray them with all your heart, I can assure you that the Lord will go with you, fight for you, and give you victory over every situation threatening your peace and joy.

  • Lord, today I come to You to pour out my heart to You (Tell God the specific situation that is troubling or disturbing you). Father, I will not leave You until You bless me and fill my heart with Your peace. I will not leave Your presence until this heavy load of sickness, lack, debt, failure, marital and family problems, delay, stagnation, barrenness, rising and falling is lifted from my life.
  • Lord, those that trouble me and rise up against me have greatly increased. The problems before me are like insurmountable mountains. Some days I cannot eat, some nights I cannot sleep, situations I am going through cause me to weep bitterly while many mock me and are asking ‘where is my God?’ Father, You are the only One that can help me. Please hear my cry, deliver me, wipe away my tears, and give me peace like a river.
  • O Lord, if it is my carelessness, sin or negligence that has put me in the situation I am in today, I ask that in Your mercy and grace You shut every door I have opened to the enemy.
  • Father, I thank You for Your Word of life that never fails. Lord, You have promised me in Your Word that You will deliver me from ALL my troubles not some of my troubles, a few of them, or just one of them. Father, with Your right hand of power, deliver me now from ALL troubles weighing me down, ALL troubles that have stolen my peace and joy, ALL troubles that have turned me into an object of ridicule. No problem in my life will escape God’s consuming fire and power to deliver.
  • I declare and decree that from henceforth when I lie down, I will not be afraid, worried and agitated. My sleep shall be sweet for I am the beloved of the Lord. No more will the devil be able to torment my sleep with fearful thoughts, nightmares and evil dreams. The angel of the Lord shall encamp around me and shield me from the terror of the night; from satanic gatherings and operations that take place at night. My sleep shall be pleasant to me in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!
  • O Lord, whatever problem has turned me into a chronic worrier, has made me lose my appetite, or start overeating because I feel depressed, today I declare that no problem has control or power over me. I am controlled by the Spirit of God not by problems of life. The Holy Spirit not problems influences my actions. No problem or situation will turn me into a glutton, make me anemic or unhealthy in any form. I receive the peace of God into my heart and rest from all troubles of life. I shall not starve spiritually or be spiritually malnourished. Lord Jesus fill my life with more of You, more of Your Word. Let Your word dwell richly in my heart and become a mighty weapon in my hand to overcome the lies and schemes of the devil.
  • Father, release Your refining fire on me and let me come out of every test and trial a better person who radiates Your glory.
  • Father, I bless Your holy name for Your divine ability to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Father, after all the pain, hardship and disappointments I have been through, please remember me, deliver me and honour me. What the enemy planned for evil; what my enemies thought would finish me or end my life, Father use that same thing to promote me and announce me to the world. Turn all my trials to amazing testimonies that will take my enemies by surprise.
  • I declare and decree that no problem in this life will shipwreck my faith, turn me into a back-slidden Christian or separate me from the love of God. Whatever the devil does, I remain committed and united to Christ. No tribulation, trial, distress, persecution, famine; economic recession, delay or unanswered prayer will ever separate me from the love of Christ Jesus.
  • Thank You Lord that troubles don’t last forever. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. I declare and decree that my morning of joy has come. My morning of healing, refreshing, deliverance, unmerited favour, supernatural lifting, victory and complete restoration has come in Jesus mighty name. AMEN! HALLELUJAH!


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