Prayers Against Barrenness

Merciful Father, I thank, worship and praise Your name for all You have done, all You are doing, and all You will yet do. May Your name be forever glorified and magnified.

Lord Jesus, I can’t be truly fruitful unless I am connected to You, for without You I can do nothing. Lord Jesus, help me to abide in You, dwell with You and make Your presence my daily habitation. Remove everything that is separating me from Your presence and Word. Lord, let my relationship with You be fruitful; make me fruitful in worship, prayer, evangelism, giving, and in my service to You so I will not be cut off. Prune me so I can be more fruitful in my relationship with You.

Father, open my spiritual womb and help me bring forth and deliver all the God-inspired dreams and visions I am pregnant with. Father, please don’t let my dreams and visions be aborted by sin and demonic activities. Strengthen me in my inner man and fill me with Your power so that fear, doubt, procrastination and negative criticism won’t turn my dreams and visions into stillbirth. Father, separate me, my spouse, children and entire family from all destiny destroyers, all dream and vision killers.

O Lord, put an end to all forms of barrenness in my life today. Put an end to every insult, mocking and embarrassment I have been experiencing as a result of barrenness and stagnation. Roll away every reproach of barrenness from my life, family and church.

Father, let Your anointing come on me, let Your power overshadow me and destroy every yoke of barrenness, failure, stagnation and fruitless efforts. Father, let my strength and efforts not be spent with nothing to show for it. Bless and prosper the work of my hands with increase, profit, favour and open doors. Lord, send showers of blessings and prosperity on my life and let the rain of Your favour wash away every trace of barrenness and failure from my life. Father, please make me exceedingly fruitful and successful.

In the name of Jesus I break and cancel every curse of barrenness in my life and family. Christ has redeemed me by His blood from the curse of barrenness. I confess and declare that barrenness has no place in my life and family. My body, my health, my mind, my finances, my career, my ministry, and my walk with God are completely free from all forms of barrenness in Jesus mighty name. AMEN and AMEN!

I declare that I am blessed, my mind is blessed, the work of my hands is blessed. My skills, talents and gifts are sought after locally and internationally. I am a blessing to my generation in Jesus name, amen. As I serve God, as I sow seeds, I shall reap a bountiful harvest; my seeds shall not be wasted in Jesus mighty name, amen. God will turn every desert situation in my life to a pool of abundant blessings.

Father, just as many people had concluded that because Sarah was past the age of childbearing she couldn’t have children, but you surprised them, Father, where people have written me of, where people have concluded that my case is over and that nothing good will ever come out of me or happen to me, surprise them O Lord.

Father, please remember all those in our church and families trusting you for the fruit of the womb and be gracious to them. Heal their broken hearts, bind up their emotional and physical hurts and wounds, and give them double for all their troubles. Let every doctor’s report, every negative report be turned around. I declare and decree on the authority of Your Word that these ones will not be childless; they will be settled in their homes as joyful mothers and fathers of children. There shall be no sterility or barrenness in them, no more delay, no more afflictions and disappointments for them in Jesus mighty name, amen. We shall hear good news concerning them in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Father, in this nation, put Your fear in our hearts and in the hearts of all our leaders. Give us leaders whose minds have useful and productive ideas that will move our nation forward. Make us a people that listen to You and obey You. Heal our land of all forms of barrenness and unemployment. Let Your wind of change blow all over our land and uproot every form of mental, educational and economic barrenness from our land.

Father, as you filled Peter’s empty net with an unbelievable number of fish, fill every emptiness in my spiritual life, marital life, family life, career, finances and ministry with unbelievable testimonies. I declare that I will not return home empty, I will not end this prayer empty, I shall not end this year the same way I started it. I shall be fruitful, I shall multiply, I shall increase, I shall move forward, I shall make progress, I shall have cause to rejoice and testify. I shall not lack any good thing in Jesus mighty name, amen. The favour of the Lord will rest on me and God will bless me with choice things from heaven and with the best that earth can give in Jesus mighty name, amen.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tanaka Pendeke on Unsplash

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  • June 25, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    Amen.thank you Jesus

    • July 2, 2021 at 9:41 am

      Thank you for your response.


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