Father, thank You for loving kindness and grace that has brought me into the second month of the year. Thank You for seeing me through the month of January. Thank You for all You did in my life, family, church and nation in the month of January. Thank You for all the accidents, calamities and tragedies You spared us from. Your name alone be praised and exalted.

Father, this month be a wall of fire around me, my family, my household and all that concerns me. Let Your fire of protection keep every plague, disease, virus and disaster far away from us. O Lord, I confess that You are our Refuge, please keep us safe, healthy and strong all through this month. Let no evil arrow get close to me or enter into my home. Keep me away from every trap set for me this month, shield me and my household from evil eyes and evil hands in Jesus mighty name I pray, amen!

Father, You have called me to be holy in all I do. Help me to spend time in Your Word and live according to Your Word so I can stay on the path of righteousness and holiness. Purify my spirit, soul and body from everything that defiles and distracts. Help me to daily present my body to You as a living sacrifice. Let the words of my mouth, the thoughts in my heart, and all I do be pleasing and acceptable in Your sight.

Father, You delight in the prosperity of Your servants and it is Your will that I prosper in all things and be in health, just as my soul prospers. This month Father, let me experience all round prosperity. Bless me abundantly so that every day of this month I have all that I need. I confess that You Lord are my Shepherd, please don’t let me lack any good thing, release Your favour and glory on me. I refuse to live by begging and borrowing, I receive abundant provision from You my Provider and my Source. Jehovah Jireh, open to me the treasures of heaven, fill me with money making ideas, send showers of blessings on me, and bless all the work of my hand.

Father, let me not be like a light that has been put under the table; let me not be a believer that is not making any impact. Help me to be an example everywhere You have placed me of Your light and glory. Father, all through this month, let my light shine. Remove whatever usually puts out my light or makes it so dim that people aren’t blessed and impacted by my life. Separate me from ungodly acts and help me to make a difference; help me to point others to Christ through the life I live; help me to live as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Father, love is the true mark of a believer and follower of Christ. Please pour your love into my heart so people can see you in me. Let all I do be done with the love of God. Let Your love grow in my heart so I can give more of my time and self to You, Your work, and to those around me. Let Your love set me free from fear, selfishness, strife and hatred. Let Your love transform me into a patient, humble, kind person who does not envy, boast, get easily angry, or keep record of wrongs. Help me to live in You; help me live and walk in love.

Father, look upon the nations of the world with Your eyes of mercy. Father, please forgive all our iniquities, bring us out of the darkness of sin into Your marvelous light. Deliver us from natural disasters and deadly pestilence that are spreading across the nations of the world to cut short many lives and bring sorrow and weeping to many homes. Be merciful to us O Lord, be merciful to the nations of the world, bring people all over the world to the knowledge of the truth so they will run to You and take refuge in the shadow of Your wings so that in the day of disaster, they will be delivered from wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, famine, floods and other calamities.

Father, instruct all leaders in the body of Christ on the way they should go. Help them to listen to You and be sensitive to Your voice. Strengthen their hands so they don’t get weary in doing good. Help them to care with all diligence for the flock You have entrusted into their care and the assignment You have placed in their hands. Raise men and women to uphold them in the place of prayer. Whatever will make them lose their reward, be cast away or disqualified after preaching to others, Father please remove from their lives in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Father, as I call upon Your name this month, let every burden be lifted from my shoulder. With Your strong hand and outstretched arm, bring me out of every problem weighing me down, bring me out of every pit of affliction and hardship and fill my mouth with praise and testimonies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Madeleine Ragsdale on Unsplash

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