Prayers to Enlarge and Break Forth

Lord, today I recognise that the dead cannot praise You, nor anyone in the grave. I lift my voice in praise to You because I am alive to see this day. I thank You for Your loving kindness and faithfulness to me these past months and years. Thank You for preserving my life, defending me and shielding me from evil. Thank You for being my source and provider.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that this is my season to enlarge, expand and break forth. O Lord, let there be an increase of Your anointing, an increase of Your power, an increase of signs, wonders and awesome deeds in righteousness in my life. Holy Spirit fill me with fresh oil and fire and let Your fire on my prayer altar increase and never go down.

In the name of Jesus, the blessings of God will not be scarce in my life, family, church and nation. In my life there will be deliverance and I will possess my possessions. There will be an increase of God’s healing power on my life, an increase of victories, promotion, lifting and testimonies in my life, family and church. By God’s grace and mercy, no one in my family and church will be passed by when God sends His visitation of blessings.

Father, in this season of enlargement, let my love and commitment to You greatly enlarge and increase. O Lord, enlarge my heart to have more room for Your Word and the things of God. Let my knowledge of You and understanding of Your ways greatly increase. Let righteousness be on a daily increase in my life and church. Let Your love and light be seen more and more in me and let me abound in good works for the glory of Your name and Kingdom.

Father, let divine direction be on an increase in my life. Let me walk more in the Spirit and less in the flesh. Give me more and more testimonies of overcoming the flesh, the devil and sin.

In the name of Jesus, I break free from every chain, yoke and barrier holding me down to a particular level in life. I break out from every form of oppression, stagnation and fruitlessness. I refuse to be stagnated; I receive grace to enlarge, break forth and move from glory to greater glory, from one level of answered prayers to a higher level of answered prayers, from testimony to bigger testimonies.

O Lord, please bless me, bless my family, bless my church, bless my nation. Let Your hand be mighty upon us to do us good. Father, please keep evil, pain and sorrow far away from us. By your great power put an end to untimely deaths in our midst.

In the name of Jesus, my enemies will not rejoice or triumph over me. God will greatly enlarge and increase my victories over my enemies and all those that rise up against me, my family, church and nation.

Father, spiritually, physically, materially, educationally and financially, please enlarge my coast beyond my wildest dreams. I decree growth and expansion into every area of my life. Let my ministry, business, career and the works of my hand expand to the right and to the left; expand all over this nation and beyond. In my life, in my family and in my church, do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ever ask or imagine.

I declare that the glory of the Lord shall cover me, His glory shall be seen all over me and my heart will be full of joy. The abundance of the sea will be turned to me; the wealth of the gentiles shall come to me. Kings shall come to my brightness; people that don’t know me will seek me out to bless me and favour me. I will have reasons to rejoice and smile. I shall not be poor; all the work of my hands is blessed and I shall not lack any good thing. I shall be relevant in my generation; I shall be a blessing to many. I shall not fail, I shall not bring shame and reproach to the name of the Lord, I shall not falter or turn away from the Lord in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!

PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen Henning on Unsplash

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