The Changing Scenes of Life

Life is made up of memories;
Memories of pain, memories of joy.
Nights of calm, nights of tossing and turning.
One day you’re happy and full of smiles,
The next you’re heavy and full of pain.
One moment you are lost in the summer breeze,
The next you shiver from the winter chill.

Today it rains cats and dogs,
Who knows tomorrow could be a very hot day.
Yesterday the moon was dim,
Today it is a bright full circle.
At one time you were young and wore ribbons,
Now, you are clad in suits of different colours.
Nothing seems to remain the same for long.

At every age you dream dreams,
Some dreams linger on for years,
Others are gone before the morning dew.
The different seasons of life,
Bring different faces your way,
Some faces you will live to remember,
Others you hope never to see again.

Life is made up of memories;
Memories of the changing scenes of life.
In between each scene are choices to be made,
Prayers to be said and great lessons to be learnt.
Seasons come and seasons will definitely go,
So the thing is to keep holding on and pressing on,
Through all the changing scenes of life.

PHOTO CREDIT:Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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