The Questions to Ask

I ask these questions today,

So no matter what comes my way,

I never forget the answers.

If God is for me,

Who can be against me and succeed?

If God is on my side,

How can I lose the battles before me?

If God is with me,

Why should I be afraid of anything and anyone no matter how terrifying or fierce?

If God is my Ultimate Judge,

Which evil pronouncement and verdict can stand in my life?

If God has His own plan for my life,

Who has the pen or power to annul what God has written concerning me?

If God upholds me with His righteous hand,

Who can pull me down when the strongest hand holds me up?

If God goes with me wherever I go,

Can darkness go with me and overtake me when I’m covered with such a brilliant, radiant light?

If God has written my name on the back of His hands,

How can I ever be forgotten by God?

If before I knew God or loved Him, He knew me and loved me,

Can death or life, trials or troubles, my past or present separate me from the love of Christ?

I ask these questions today

Because the answers to these simple yet deep questions,

Is the final Word concerning my life?


PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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