What you see today isn’t what it was yesterday,

It was a really beautiful house adorned and packed with precious treasures,

But today, the once ravishing house has been burnt by fire and lies in ruins.

Where once lay costly treasures, now lays an ash heap.


The treasures had been well stored up and stocked up,

Who knew, who anticipated, who imagined that one day they would be gone.

These treasures where the hope and center of the heart of the owner,

Who built her hopes and dreams on these choice treasures.


Look, I am in utter ruins cries the owner of the treasures,

I had greatly increased in silver and gold, I had so much to feast on,

I was at ease for I had a fleet of cars, sacks of treasures, bundles of money,

And now, all of my riches have flown like an eagle away into the sky.


What I know today isn’t what I knew yesterday,

Now I know the uncertainty of wealth and all worldly treasures,

Now I see the folly in hoarding riches only for it to be lost by a major misfortune.

Treasures on earth I had, but treasures in heaven I lack.


I give you this advice today: trust in God not in riches,

I offer you this wisdom for life: there’s no wisdom in gaining riches and losing your soul,

I remind you of this spiritual truth: blessings come to you so you can be a blessing,

I end with this eternal lesson: the greatest and most priceless treasure is Christ,

If You have this irreplaceable, immeasurable, incomparable Treasure, You have more than enough.


PHOTO CREDIT: Avantgarde Concept on Unsplash

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