Unsafe World, Safe God

‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ – Psalm 91:1

Evil abounds in every part of the world. The world we will live in is not a safe place. Long before the pandemic, God’s Word had already told us how unsafe the world is and why we need to continually be in God’s arms of protection.

There are so many beautiful, calm, serene, well-organized towns, cities and tourists spots in different parts of the world, but even in such places, people experience danger. In Psalm 91 we get a clear picture of how unsafe it is out there and even when we are indoors. We are told that the night time has terror; terrible, dreadful, shocking things happen at night (Psalm 91:5). During the day time, all kinds of arrows are flying about (Psalm 91:5). When it’s dark, there are sickness, pestilence and plagues moving about (Psalm 91:6). At noon, violence and destruction is busy wasting people’s lives (Psalm 91:6). Night time, day time, when it’s dark, when it’s bright, when you don’t even think anything bad is happening, danger abounds. So, there’s really no safe hour or time of the day, but there’s a safe God. There’s really no safe place in any part of our world, but there is a God who gives safety.

Psalm 1 which speaks of the blessed life tells us that the man (or woman or child) that is blessed is the one that God watches over (Psalm 1:6). When security guards watch over you, after some time, they fall asleep. When God is the watching you, sleep is completely out of the question, for our God never sleeps or slumbers. In the face of danger, your guards can run away. Your security guards can also be overpowered by those with armed weapons. But no one can overpower God. He is the Highest Power the One that overpowers every other person, power or danger out there. This is not to say we should live carelessly because we have God and pray to God, but that we should make God our place of safety; we should place our lives under God’s watchful care and not be afraid in an unsafe world knowing that God will keep us safe. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, he who makes God His shelter, he who daily lives in God’s presence and makes God His covering will find that God hides him from evil schemes, danger, tragedy and calamity. Our lives are secure, when we live under God’s protection.

May the Lord watch over you, your family and all that concerns you.


Father, every day, every hour be my Hiding Place. Cover me, my family, loved ones and all that belongs to me with Your hand of protection.


PHOTO CREDIT: Troy Bridges on Unsplash

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