Vain Plots and Schemes

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, there are people who are always planning and plotting evil. For such people, that’s how they get their kicks; that’s where their own enjoyment and excitement comes from. You aren’t exempted from their wicked scheming because you are a quiet person that never looks for anyone’s trouble, or because you are a good Christian who is always in church, or because you are a serious – minded, no-nonsense person.

The Bible is full of evil plots. From Delilah plotting with the Philistines to capture Samson, to the Pharisees plotting to kill Jesus, to the Jews plotting to kill Paul. Things haven’t changed much from Bible days. Evil plotters are still very much around. But we shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Psalm 2:1 says ‘Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing.’ Every plot, plan or scheme that is not of God is a vain thing. In other words, if you are a genuine child of God, those who are plotting to harm you, are just wasting their time! What they plot against you will not prevail because God will fight for you. The Lord will frustrate their wicked plans.

As long as you continue to make God your Hiding Place, whenever any person, force or power of darkness plots against you, your spouse and children, or they start up a conspiracy against you in your place of work or business, God will rescue you from their hands, God will make rubbish of their evil schemes.

Your concern shouldn’t be who is talking about me behind my back, who is trying to paint a bad picture of me at my place of work, who is out to wreck my marriage. Your concern should be is God with me? If God is with you and for you, who can be against you and succeed (Romans 8:31). The secret to overcoming every evil plot and wicked scheme is to abide; spend quality time with God and be a carrier of God’s presence. When God is with you, all the host of darkness can take counsel against you, all your enemies can speak evil about you, it will not stand, it will come to nothing (Isaiah 8:10).

Every day and everywhere, let God be with you and you will see there’s nothing to be afraid and worried about. God has your back and He will do what He said He will do. He will keep you safe from vain plots and schemes.


PHOTO CREDIT: Karima Williams on Unsplash

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