Victorious Prayers for the Second Half of The Year

O Lord, I praise, worship, honour and adore You for bringing me into the second half of the year. Thank You for all You have spared me from, all You have protected me from, and all You have graciously provided for me and my family.

Father, this second half of the year bless me with divine wisdom. Fill me with wisdom from above for all my undertakings for this second half of the year. Help me to clearly see what needs to be done and give me grace and strength to do it.

Father, this second half of the year, fill me with a spirit of diligence and envelope me with Your favour that failure and poverty will have no place in my life.

Father, this second half of the year, help me to put away sinful ways. Help me to daily walk in the ways of righteousness and the path of integrity and holiness. Let there be nothing crooked, hypocritical or untruthful in my life.

O Lord, this second half of year fill me with a fresh passion, unction and anointing to serve. Empower me to do great exploits for You. Let my life be relevant in Your kingdom. Help me to add value everywhere I go. Let me find pleasure in serving You. Help me to dedicate my life to You as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You.  O Lord, empower and enhance my skills, gifts and talents. Help me to serve You in sincerity and function effectively in the place of service You have assigned to me. Make me a source of blessing and a vessel of honour.

Father, this second half of the year give me overwhelming victory over every plan and counsel of the enemy. Whatever forces of darkness device for me, my family, church and nation, let it not see the light of the day. Let their wicked imaginations and intentions fail woefully. Display Your power so powerfully in my life. Contend with those contending against me, fight against those fighting against me. Destroy, disgrace and put to shame those who are plotting evil for me, my family, church and nation. Let the wind of God blow them away, the same way chaff is blown away by the wind.

My Divine Protector, Refuge and Fortress, this second half of the year shield me and my family from danger, tragedy and calamity.

The Great Physician, this second half of the year grant me perfect health. From the crown of my head to the sole of my feet, let there be soundness. Let my mind me sound, alert, fruitful and productive. Let every organ in my body and every area of my life be made whole.

Prayer Answering God, please answer me without delay as I call out to You this second half of the year. Let Your peace, goodness, mercy and favour continually flow into my life and bring in blessings and testimonies.

My Way Maker, do something new in my life this second half of the year. Make a way for me where there seems to be no way. Let me be blessed in every way. Let there be progress and prosperity in every area of my life. Let me not lack anything good. Let me have an abundance of money yielding ideas, treasures, riches, honour and blessings from Your kingdom.

The Lord, My Shepherd, this second half of the year guide and direct me so I don’t fall into error or the trap the enemy has prepared for me.

My Comforter, this second half of the year, comfort and encourage me by giving me double for all my troubles. Because my trust is in You, let me not see shame this second half of the year.

My Miracle Worker, this second half of the year let my expectations not be cut short. Do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ever ask or imagine. Remember me for good and surprise me this second half of the year. Make me a recipient of a miracle that will make me jump for joy and roll in praise.


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