When You Wonder Why…

“Lord, why is this happening to me?” Sarah muttered amidst tears gushing down her face. Passersby wondered at this woman crying as she walked down Campbell Street heading for St. John’s Hospital where her six-year-old son was hospitalized…
Watching her son and husband in the hospital room, so many things ran through her mind. Her mind was overflowing with questions for God. Why was He allowing them go through this? What happened to those good old promises about divine health and healing? Was the problem with her faith? Was there something she had done she was being punished for? Why, why, why? Why in the world was this happening to her?
Like Sarah, thousands of Christians all over the world are asking God similar questions. You are going through a difficult time and you don’t seem to have answers to the questions on your mind. Worse still, it doesn’t appear like things are ever going to change or get better. You have done everything you know how to, but the problem is still there. Is God unjust? Is He unfair? Why does God allow those He says He loves to face such difficult times?
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