Thank You Lord for being merciful and gracious to me and my family. It is because of Your tender mercies that I have not been consumed by natural disasters, stray bullets, accidents and all the dangers, plagues and calamities that have ended so many lives. But for Your mercy, I wouldn’t be alive to see this day; my life would have been cut short by the arrows that fly by day, the terror of night, the destruction that comes in the noonday to waste lives and destines, the various problems of life, and by the wicked scheming of men. Thank You Lord for being rich in mercy to me, my family and nation.

Have mercy upon me O God, according to Your loving-kindness; according to the multitude of Your tender mercies, blot out my sins and transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from every sin that has contaminated my spirit, soul and body. Merciful God, forgive me for every sin I have committed that has grieved the Holy Spirit.

Father, please let me daily see new mercies; new dimensions of Your grace, favour, faithfulness, love, power and glory.

Father, create in me a clean heart O Lord; put in me Your heart of mercy, give me a kind, loving and forgiving heart. Help me to show mercy to others, even those that have hurt and offended me, so I continue to drink from Your fountain of mercy.

Lord, have mercy on me and heal my body of every sickness and disease weakening my body, draining my strength, and preventing me from going about my daily responsibilities. In Your mercy, O Lord, consume from my life every sickness and disease that is depleting my finances. God of Mercy, heal me O Lord of every ailment that has made my health a topic for gossip and mockery or a fund raising issue.

Lord, have mercy on me give me rest from carrying over problems from month to month, year to year. Merciful God, please resolve all unresolved issues in my life. Terminate  every longstanding problem in my life and turn my pending prayer requests to testimonies of Your great deeds and mighty works.

Lord, stretch forth Your hand of mercy to me and pull me out of every financial mess. Gracious Father, roll out of my life and out of my way every financial problem bringing shame and disgrace to my life.

O Lord, in Your mercy do not turn Your face away from me in the time of trouble, in the day of need. Arise in Your mercy and visit me. Arise in Your mercy and send help and provision to me.

O God, look upon us in this nation with Your eyes of mercy and pardon all our errors, atrocities and sinful ways. Father, even though we have failed You so many times as individuals and as a nation, please don’t turn Your eyes of mercy away from us in this nation, don’t cut us of from Your tender mercies and loving-kindness.

Lord, pour down Your revival fire on us in this nation. Let our hearts be melted and broken; cause us to turn to You in sincere repentance. As we repent of our sinful ways, show us mercy and heal our land.

O Lord, in Your mercy change times and seasons for us in this nation. Bring us into a season of victory and deliverance from all forces, powers and agents of darkness resisting Your will and opposing Your counsel for our nation. Fight for us in this nation with Your mercy. Please Lord, don’t leave us in the hands of those set on implementing wicked and oppressive laws and policies on us, don’t give us over to those bent on filling our land with bloodshed. Our hope is in You O Lord, have mercy on us; save us and  protect us. Confuse and frustrate all the enemies of our nation and give us peace and stability.

Father, please don’t leave me in the hand of my enemies or those that hate to see me prosper and progress. Father, let my life not be left in the hand of men to determine my final outcome. Lord, always have the final say and the last word in everything that concerns me. Please keep me in Your hand for in Your hand is mercy, healing, restoration and deliverance.

Father, by Your mercy, single me out of the crowd for a major breakthrough, unusual kindness, a miraculous shift and turn around in every area of my life, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!



2 thoughts on “A CRY FOR MERCY

  • August 1, 2023 at 8:56 am

    Thank you very much for this prayer, infact all your prayer, God bless you, i have copy some of them, more wisdom ma. I Bless God for you

    • August 1, 2023 at 12:37 pm

      Thank you for your feedback.
      God bless you, hear and answer you as you call to Him in prayer.


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