An Easter Egg From God

Have you ever been given an Easter egg or have you given an Easter egg to anyone before? It’s a common practice at Easter time for special eggs to be given out in celebration of Easter. The Easter egg tradition has long been forgotten in my family probably because a lot of things that held meaning and significance for us when we were young children, seem to have lost their appeal. Or maybe there are some family traditions that without even realizing it, money, time, distance, and the pressure of daily responsibilities make you out grow. But I still remember while growing up how I used to get some nicely wrapped colourful Easter eggs. They were big, lovely looking egged-shaped chocolates not real eggs. Because of my sweet tooth, I really used to look forward to those Easter eggs.

Last Easter, a member of my church blessed me with a bag of Easter eggs. They were real eggs this time. When I got the bag of eggs, I realized that even though I hadn’t been too involved with the giving and receiving of Easter eggs for some years, the tradition of giving out Easter eggs whether they come in the form of nicely wrapped egg sized chocolates or as real eggs, still holds special meaning for some people.

This Easter, I strongly believe that God is going to give out Easter eggs. And I know for sure that they aren’t going to be attractive looking, nicely shaped chocolates, or eggs that you can boil or fry. God is going to do much better than that. He’s going to give you something divine, something special, something money can’t buy, something that will change the story of your life.

An egg actually has about eight parts. But for you to understand the kind of Easter egg you are about to receive from God, I will mention just three parts of the egg. The egg shell which is the hard protective covering. The egg white which is the clear liquid contained in the egg. Then we have the yolk. The yolk is the yellow portion of the egg and a major source of vitamins and minerals. Now what relevance does all of this hold to you and I? I will tell you. The first thing you are going to receive from God this season is a special shell of protection. Until you break the egg shell, you can’t see the egg white and the egg yolk. Once the shell is broken, you can see and also make use of the egg white and the egg yolk. Have you tried eating boiled eggs without removing the shell? It’s not nice at all. It is when the shell is removed that you really enjoy the egg whether it is boiled, fried, or scrambled eggs. See yourself as the egg white or the egg yolk in an egg that Satan wants to get to and eat. Of course to get to you, the shell has to be broken, the shell of protection has to be removed. God is going to surround you with such a strong shell of protection that no evil eye will be able to see you and no evil hand will be able to touch you. You will not become food for your enemies or mincemeat or should I say mince egg for the devil.

Of all the different things we eat, eggs are the most delicate. They can easily break and as such must be treated with care when carrying them. God is going to treat you with special care and affection this Easter season and all through this year. He will hold you like an egg so that nothing that concerns you will drop to the ground and break. You shall not break down this year. Your body, health, marriage, business and ministry will not break down this year. Your dreams and expectations for the year will not end up like spoilt eggs. God will keep them fresh and alive. He will make them a reality this year.

Isaiah 10:14 talks about God gathering abandoned eggs. This Easter, all the abandoned eggs in your life; all the abandoned projects in your life, God will gather and give new life to them. A car or building can be said to be abandoned when it is left empty and unused for a long period of time. The emptiness in your life will be filled this Easter by the resurrection power of God. Every unused talent, skill, ability and potential in your life will begin to manifest as God releases resurrection life on you this Easter.

Luke 11:11-12 is a very interesting scripture about the love of God. It says “which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish will give him a snake instead. Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion”. God is the best Father in heaven and on earth and He knows how to give the best of gifts. If your earthly father won’t give you a scorpion when you ask for an egg, then certainly God won’t do that to you. So go ahead and ask God for a divine Easter egg. Ask for special protection, ask God to breathe into all abandoned projects in your life, ask for the manifestation of that thing you have been praying about, and ask for an infilling of the power of God to take away every emptiness, lack of purpose and lack of fulfillment in your life, so this Easter will indeed be a memorable one for you.

Enjoy your Easter, enjoy your Easter egg from God!

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