I can’t stand horror movies. They are too scary for my liking. Spooky music. Dark roads and buildings. Creepy things coming out of nowhere. Bloody, gruesome deaths that disfigure people’s faces and bodies. I really don’t get what some people see in horror movies.

From childhood, we see paintings and pictures of Jesus on the cross. The little drops and spots of blood we see in these pictures, aren’t an accurate image of the pain and agony Jesus went through as He was nailed to the cross. When Isaiah 53 describes the death of Jesus, it tells us that as people looked at Him, they hid their faces, they turned away (Isaiah 53:4). Much like the kind of reaction you get when a horror film is on; people covering their faces or moving away from the TV screen until that frightful scene is over. Though the death of Jesus was painful, bloody and nauseating, Jesus wasn’t trying to create a horror scene or film by His death. The suffering and disfigurements He went through on the cross, was to show us His love and give us victory.

As we remember the great things God has done in our lives, the blessings we have received from Him, we must understand and realise that no blessing, no testimony beats what Jesus did for us on the cross. We should be full of gratitude for the blessings that flow into our lives through the travails of the cross.

I am thankful that no matter how far I have strayed from God, the death of a loving Saviour on the cross, brings me back to God. I am thankful that even if I am the worst of sinners with a track record of mean, shameful sins, I can receive freedom from guilt and condemnation, I can find mercy and forgiveness at the cross. How glad I am that when doctors are confused, at their wits end and don’t have a solution, I can look to the cross; the place for healing from known and unknown ailments, mild or terminal diseases. Aren’t I grateful that even if all my enemies line up at my door or all the powers of darkness gather for a meeting with my name as the agenda, no scheme of hell, no evil plot can overcome the power and victory I have in the blood of Jesus. I am thankful that though troubles and trials come my way, there are storms, earthquakes, pandemics and shakings all around the world, as I look to Jesus who finished all manner of problems on the cross, I find a place of safety, I receive peace, I am empowered with grace to overcome the difficulties, dangers and hazards of life.

Where would I be, but for the love shown me, the victory given me on an old rugged cross?


PHOTO CREDIT: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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