August Faith Confession

The Lord is my Way Maker,

God will make a way for me where there seems to be no way.

The Lord is a Man of War,

The Lord will fight my battles and scatter to pieces every evil weapon fashioned against me.

The Lord is my Healer,

He will arise with healing in His wings and remove every sickness from my life and family.

The Lord is my Provider,

The Lord will not leave me stranded and helpless, the Lord will supply all I need, I shall not lack any good thing.

The Lord is my Sustainer,

God’s sustaining power will sustain my faith, health, marriage, children and ministry.

The Lord is my Saviour,

He will save me from destructive sins and habits. He will save me from harm and danger.

The Lord is my Testimony Giver.

This month the Lord shall give me a testimony that will make me dance for joy.


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