Refreshing Prayers for the Month of August

Father, I give thanks and praise to You for all You have done for me and my family. Thank You for Your grace, favour, mercy and protection. Thank You Father that we are alive to see the 8th month of the year. Glory be to Your Holy name.

Father, forgive me for any way I have sinned against You and fallen short of Your glory. With the precious blood of Jesus, wash and cleanse my life of all sins and impurities. Fill my heart with reverential fear of You and put in me a fresh hunger and desire to please You. Father, throughout this month help me to stay on the path of righteousness. Let my life be all about You. Make me a true worshipper, a person devoted to Your Word, a person of fervent prayer who hears You clearly and follows Your leading and instruction.

Revive me O Lord and set me free from every form of complacency. Let my spirit not be lukewarm, fill me with Your fire and with passion for You and for the things that bring glory to Your Holy name. Don’t let me live a purposeless life that has no impact. Make me a blessing to others.

Father, this month empower me to pray without and ceasing and let my prayers not be in vain. Answer me as I call on You; answer me with awesome deeds in righteousness. O Lord, do something wonderful in my life, family, church and nation this month. Do something that will cause people to know that there’s no One as strong, mighty and wonderful as You O Lord.

O Lord, touch my life and family with Your healing balm. Father, with Your right hand of power, please bring every member of my family completely out of every sickness and disease. Release Your anointing power on us and let every yoke of ill health be destroyed. No sickness and disease will waste our lives or empty us of strength and vitality. I lift up to You all those that are suffering from any physical or mental disability, those battling with a terminal disease, those that  keep going in and out of the hospital for one ailment or the other, heal them O Lord. Lord, restore them to health and put an end to their suffering.

Father, look upon the nations of the world with Your eyes of mercy and in Your mercy, please deliver us from deadly diseases, natural disasters, wars and terrorist attacks that wipe away and waste thousands of lives.  Show mercy to the nations of the world. Forgive us for not enthroning You as Lord and surrounding to Your will and rulership. O Lord, I lift up my own nation to You; establish Your counsel for my nation, grant us peaceful dwelling places, secure homes, streets and communities, and undisturbed places of rest.

Father, remove fear, worry and anxiety from me and fill my heart with Your peace and joy. No weapon of sadness, hopelessness, depression and discouragement fashioned against me shall prosper. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Father, rule in the affairs of our nation. Let Your counsel override the counsel of man. Frustrate every satanic agenda for our nation, send confusion into the midst of those the enemy is using to carry out his evil plans for our nation. Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in our land in Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Father, I am believing You for a breakthrough and a turnaround this month, please remember me for good, honour my faith and fill my mouth with an awesome testimony of Your goodness. Roll away every reproach from my life, wipe away my tears and give me a new beginning.


PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Chouette

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