Darkness Turns To Light

I see people groping in the dark,

They can’t find their way out;

They know not which way to turn.

In darkness and shades of obscurity they sit,

The shadow of death covers them,

They are prisoners; prisoners in misery and chains.


Though shackles and fetters hold them down,

Their voices aren’t stilled or lowered to a hush.

From a dark land they send calls of distress

Their voices reach the Light of Life, the Light of the World.

Out of the domain of darkness, they are brought into His marvelous light

Out of their gloom and shame, come sparkles of light, beaming rays of hope.


The True Light turned their night to day,

The Sunrise from on High visited them,

He changed their deep darkness to morning light.

No longer are they to be kept out of sight,

The Redeeming Light freed them from cages of thick darkness.

And gave them the understanding that dwelling in His Light is better than darkness,

The heavenly glow is uncountable times better than the bottomless abyss.

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