Delight in God’s Word

To delight in something is to be very happy because of that thing, it is enjoy something very much, it is to receive great pleasure in that thing or activity.
Some people delight in meeting new people, some in traveling, some in shopping, and some others in cooking. Is studying and meditating on God’s Word a delight to you; something that gives you joy, something you enjoy doing?
Psalm 1:2 tells us that the man (or woman)  who is blessed of the Lord is the one who delights in meditating on God’s Word. To meditate on the Word of God is not just skimming through the Bible to have a general idea of some of the events recorded in the Bible. It is detailed studying of God’s Word. Taking time to reflect, ponder, dwell on a verse, passage or lesson in the Bible so it is not just in your head but enters deep into your heart. It is when this happens that our lives get changed and transformed by the Word of God. It is through meditating on God’s Word that we start seeing and enjoying the fullness of the blessings that are in the gospel of Christ.
Women tend to be extra busy all year long, juggling work, family and church responsibilities. Sometimes this is done to the detriment of the most valuable activity –  spending quality time with God. In Luke 10:38-42, while Mary sat at the feet of Lord listening attentively to every word He spoke, Martha was pulled away, distracted, fussing over and worked up about preparing a meal for Jesus. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t like eating or didn’t appreciate all the efforts Martha put into getting His food ready, but Jesus was concerned about Martha’s priorities being out of order. What Martha was doing was something good, but at the time in question, it wasn’t absolutely essential. It could have been done before Jesus got to their place or after she had listened to what Jesus had to say to her. May the Lord help us this year to make God’s Word a top priority. May we not treat seemingly good  activities  as more important and essential than spending time listening at the feet of the Lord with the Word of the Lord.
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