There is great power in prayer. Prayer changes things, open doors, gives birth to testimonies and fills our hearts and lives with so much joy. What are your expectations for this year? Pray these prayers to experience the wonder working power of God in this year. I guarantee you that if you pray earnestly and with all your heart, irrespective of the negative news and predictions, this year will be loaded with testimonies for you and your family.

Faithful God, thank you for bringing me into the year 2021. Receive all my praise, worship and adoration.

Lord, help me not to fail you this year. Help me to continually live my life for your praise and glory. Anything I will do that will not glorify you, Lord please remove from my thoughts, words and actions.

Great Jehovah, my Comfort and Counselor, order my steps all through this year. Guide me aright so I don’t walk into danger, ambushes, evil traps and pits that have been set for me in this year.

Father, let me hear You clearly concerning this year. Let me hear Your voice telling me the way You want me to walk in this year; the steps You want me to take. Lord, give me understanding of the times; understanding of what this year is all about, so I will know what to do this year; I will know the best course to take this year.

Lord Jesus, help me to make you my closest friend and companion this year. Help me to enjoy unbroken fellowship with you all through this year.

Mighty Man in Battle, fight my battles and keep the Egyptians; the sicknesses, problems, yokes and burdens I had seen in past years far away from me.

Holy Spirit, fill me anew. Fill me with more of your power and anointing. Every day of this year anoint my head with fresh oil. Let me not go through this year carrying empty, stale or dry anointing. Anoint me for excellence, anoint me for uncommon success, anoint me for great exploits, anoint me to wreck mighty destruction on the enemy’s camp this year.

Father, connect me to my destiny helpers this year and keep destiny destroyers far away from me.

I decree and declare that I shall make it this year. I shall not fail, crash or sink. My spiritual life, ministry, marriage, business and career shall not fail, crash or sink this year.

I confess that whenever people are saying there is a casting down, my story and testimony will be that there is a lifting for me for God will be my glory and the lifter up of my head this year.

I decree and declare that I shall live this year and not die. The Lord shall be my Helper and place of escape from every tragedy and calamity waiting to unfold this year. The diseases of the Egyptians will not come upon me and my family. No deadly plague and virus will know my address.  My resources will not be devoured by hospital bills and drugs. This year I shall prosper and be in good health.

Everlasting Father, I intercede on behalf of the body of Christ. Lead your church on the straight and narrow path that leads to life this year. Take over the government; the leadership of your church so we don’t miss it or go outside your will this year.

Everlasting Father, take over the government of my nation this year. Let the government of this nation rest on your shoulders. Bring to an end every satanic manipulation over the affairs and leadership of this nation. Prince of Peace, establish your peace all over our nation this year.

O Lord, make this year my best year ever. Throughout this year, let my song and testimony be that God has been good to me.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

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